Recently, I overheard a daughter in our dressing room say to her mother, “I just want your opinion, Mom.  I don’t really care what it is.”  Ahh, I thought to myself, the perils of shopping for a tween, and then I promptly forgot about it.

This week, however, I recruited ACS seventh grader Leyla to be our Look of the Week model to remind everybody that Mama Goose isn’t just for little kids, and then I had a pang of nervousness — what if she hated everything in the store and stomped off, refusing to model a single piece of clothing?  Luckily, Leyla couldn’t have been more delightful, and it turns out that our 9-14 girls’ selection was so phenomenal, that we couldn’t settle on just one outfit!  Leyla and I had so much fun that I considered offering my personal shopping services complimentary to all mamas of tween girls — otherwise, I’ll have to wait a decade until my teeny toddler finally grows into those sizes!

Leyla’s first outfit consists of a size 12 Gap dress, new w/ tags ($14.95) paired with an Old Navy cardigan in a 10/12 ($3.95).  A Sewing Mommy headband ($5.00) and silver earrings from our women’s accessories collection ($6.99, pictured with all outfits) bring the outfit together.  On her feet, Leyla rocks a pair of Teva sandals, newly available at the Goose in women’s sizes 5-10 for $23.98. 

Outfit #2 features a Gap tank top in size 12 ($3.95), a Gap hoodie in 14/16 ($4.95) and new w/tags Children’s Place sequined jeans (no longer for sale — so cute on Leyla that she took them home!)  The metallic flats pictured are the model’s own, and the headband is by SweetiePie Designs ($6.95).

The final outfit is built around an adorable Juicy Couture terrycloth skirt in size 14 ($8.95), worn with a Gap tank in size 14/16 ($4.95) and a short-sleeved hoodie by Justice in size 10 ($4.50).  For this outfit, the Tevas came back to complete the warm weather look.

 The moral of the story is:  not only does Mama Goose do big kids, we do it well!  Bring those tweens in today. 

-Meryl at the Goose


Mama Goose customer Phoebe Jennings Whitham believes that, when it comes to accessorizing, more is more.

My best friend from college is the most glamorous person I know; she’s the kind of woman who could show up to Saturday morning yoga class wearing a diamond encrusted ostrich feather in her hair and no one would bat an eye. This is why, when she called me shortly after the birth of my daughter Corrina and said, “I have a really important question,” I wasn’t surprised when she followed up with, “When can she start wearing jewelry?”

I have no idea how I answered.  I have a fondness for shiny things myself, and have been dangling sparkly items in front of Rina’s face since she started opening her eyes on a somewhat consistent basis. In our house, womens’ accessories double as (and are sometimes completely converted into) kids’ toys. So, when Kelly Goose first announced that MG was officially starting to buy, sell, and trade women’s accessories, I was beyond pumped. I quickly combed through my collection, isolated some lesser-used pieces, and practically ran them down to the Goose, causing my eagerness became a bit of a joke.  Apparently, Kelly had announced via e-mail our readiness to buy accessories slightly before the paint on the accessory fixture had dried.  (I mean that literally, not as a metaphor for some strange accessory-related psychological cold feet crisis of Kelly’s.) Kelly and the other goslings assumed it would be fine to send out the e-mail, thinking no one was nuts enough to bring anything immediately thereafter.  Now they’ve learned never to estimate the extent of my nuttiness!

MG customer Julia Madrid prefers to see the world through heart-shaped, rose-colored glasses.

Back to the issue at hand, I’ve been psyched to accessorize my kids from the very beginning.  Both small fry in our house maintain extensive sunglasses collections, and are the personal owners of several additional accessories — Corrina in particular just became the owner of a beautiful Magen David (Star of David) bestowed on her by a family friend on the occasion of her Jewish baby naming.

What’s the accessory situation like in your household?  Do you stockpile pretty things that you never wear, knowing that the day you dare to put on those chandelier earrings your friend brought you from Chile one of your children will promptly rip them out of your ears, destroying them and your earlobes in the process?  Or are you one of those women who somehow manages to perfecftly complete your outfits on a daily basis with the ideal baubles?  (I’m talking about you, Kim Hanrahan.) 

My inquiring mind wants to know…

Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that voting is your patriotic duty, and that duty extends to our online polls.  Nothing bad will happen.  You will not be asked to provide any information other than your opinion, which we here at the Goose value highly.  So, come on.  Rock the vote.  And, if you happened to select option #1 in poll, look at all the pretty earrings pictured below.

 -Meryl at the Goose