Sometimes, a mama makes a purchase that’s a little bit for the kids, and a lot for her.  I made one of those purchases this week (see below), and when I stopped by the Goose to claim my new prized possession, I ran into another mama doing the very same thing.

This is Maura, her son Isaac, and their new totally awesome new puppet theatre:

See that smile on Maura’s face?  It looked an awful lot like the one on mine when I saw this:

Peter Pan puppets and environs, $49.97 ($140 new!)  Three and a half feet of play space and furniture, $79.97 ($180 new!)  Hours of fun for Mamas Moira and Meryl?  Priceless.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play with my dollhouse.

-Meryl at the Goose


Underground Collective's "Little Lion" Hoodie in size 5/6 ($17.97)

I dress my middle child in essentially the same thing every day:  pants, a t-shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt.  The hoodie is really the essential piece of the outfit, especially given his penchant for wearing the hood itself up, sometimes over his favorite hat.  Usually, my little boy requires the hoodie be of the zip-up variety, but he’s made an exception for this recent Mama Goose purchase.

The Underground Collective is a company founded locally that designs and screen prints organic t-shirts and sweatshirts.   Here at the Goose, we’ve got seven different color/design combinations for sale, ranging from toddler size 2 to youth XL.  These hoodies are so cozy and soft (and reasonably priced at $17.97 each) that the lack of zipper went completely unnoticed.  In fact, the only problem is how often I need to pry it off him to wash while he sleeps.

Cozy on the couch

-Meryl at the Goose

Zara boots, size 6 and 1/2

So, there used to be this great blog written by this super smart and fun writer/actress in which she posted pictures of fun things she’d purchased along with some witty commentary.  I loved the concept, though apparently not enough to notice that she stopped updating the blog in 2008.  Still, the idea stuck with me, and I thought I’d launch our own version here.

Sometimes,  I buy something at Mama Goose that I love so much I’m struck by the urge to call and tell people about it — as though I have actual, legitimate news rather than just the most recent report of my inability/unwillingness  to confront my shopping addiction.  The boots above were one of those purchases.   The idea of my little hipster toddler in what are essentially baby Doc Martens was more than I could bear — I bought them so fast, I don’t even remember how much they were.  (Somewhere between $8.95 and $10.95.)  And check out the picture below!  My little girl is ready for a semester in London!  (Do they take 2-year-olds on study abroad programs?  That would be great.  If she were in Europe, she’d totally have to sleep in her own bed.)

The Gymboree swing coat was a second runner up for this post, but the boots had me at checkered shoe laces

Do you have a recent Goose score to show off?  E-mail me a picture and a description and I’ll showcase it in our  TIBMKTIL column.  (I’m going to work on the name.  I promise.)

-Meryl at the Goose