If you’ve shopped at the Goose on a Monday in the past 4+ years, chances are you’ve met Gina.  You know Gina, right?  Here she is:

Until recently, Gina was Queen of the Goose on Mondays.  She’d been known to do a whole Monday double shift, by herself, while standing on her head and serving customers who only spoke Bulgarian.  She was a sight to behold.  Unfortunately for the Goose, but fortunately for all of you, Gina had alternate plans brewing in her head, and those plans are finally coming to fruition.

Gina and Laura (more on her in a bit) are launching Teach and Song, an educational child care program designed for children ages 3 through 6 and organized in a series of 6-week sessions.  Derived from Laura and Gina’s backgrounds in Waldorf education, the program will be held on Mondays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and will include hearty snacks, nature walks, and beautiful Waldorf-inspired crafts.

Laura with a young friend.

How did this all come about, you ask?  Well, Gina likes to say that Laura came with their duplex (which also happens to be the Teach and Song location)— Laura is their tenant, and was already in the middle of a lease when Gina and her partner Pat bought their house.   Four leases later, after running a small, successful summer camp program on her own, Laura finally convinced Gina that the time had come for a joint childcare venture. Plus, Gina’s 6-year-old homeschooled son Drew had made a request:  on Mondays, he wanted to be able to work with his mom, instead of going elsewhere while she went off to work at the Goose.  Laura and Drew had Gina convinced, and Teach and Song was born!

You can learn more tomorrow, January 24th, at the Teach and Song Open House, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at 164-166 Crescent Place in Ithaca, or you can call Gina with questions:  (607) 272-2512.

We at the Goose know that anything Gina touches turns to gold, and I’m certain that Teach and Song is no exception.  Enrollment for the first session is just wrapping up, so you still have some time to get in on the magic from the very beginning.  The Goose’s loss is your family’s gain.

-Meryl at the Goose


Staff Profile: Elise Haney

January 20, 2011

I’ve had a great time introducing some of our goslings to you through our staff profile series, and we’ve still got some to go.  This time, I thought I’d try a different approach.  Instead of asking staffer Elise to tell us about herself, I spent some time with her daughter Ally, age 11, and son Max, 6.  They told me all about their mom, and now I’m telling you!

Note:  Max occasionally gave his answers in gleeful shout.  Said gleeful shout is indicated by all caps.

Where does your mom work?


A:  She also works with my dad at a house building company called Carina.

M: And, and, and me and Ali’s mom is an interior designer, and she has her own website!

What does she do at Mama Goose?

M:  What she does at Mama Goose is gets things for me and Ali.

A:  She works… she tags clothes and makes sure they all get their correct prices and makes sure that they’re good enough to go on the floor.   She looks for things to buy, and she looks for things for her friends…


A:  Yes, she sometimes does that.  And she buys clothes from people.

What are your mom’s favorite things to do?

M:  Listen to music from Justin Bieber.

A:  She listens to Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers and other teenage songwriters.  Also, I don’t know if this is something that she likes to do, but she does it anyway — she yells at our cat.

M:  And she likes watching movies in the night with our dad.

A:  And she loves to work at Mama Goose!

Does she have any other favorite things?

A:  Her favorite color is green…

M:  And her favorite food is donuts!

A:  No it’s not!

M:  Yes, her favorite food is sugar!

A:  She hates sugar!

M:  Yeah, Mom’s going organic…

A:  Yeah, she’s going organic to be healthier.

M:  And she eats lots of meat!

What do you like to do with your mom?  What DON’T you like to do with your mom?


A:  She’s been promising me that we could go get hot chocolate at this place … I don’t know where!  She didn’t tell me that!

M:  I do not do not do not do not ….. well, I like to do everything everything with my mom, so I don’t know.  OH.  I don’t like getting in trouble by my mom.

A:  I don’t like to do food or clothes shopping with her.

What makes your mom a good mom?

M:  She cares about me and Ali.

A:  I think it’s because she tries her hardest to be nice to us even though it sometimes comes out not so nice and she tries her hardest to make sure we have what we need and we want.

What else is she good at?

M:  Making books!

A:  She’s good at sewing costumes for Halloween.  She’s finishing sewing Max’s Jedi costume for his birthday…. He’s having a Jedi Academy party.  There’s going to be light sabers.

M: And on my birthday card, it has a picture of me and Mason getting married and it says “Max and Padme getting married.”  (Note:  Further investigation yielded that Mason is Max’s best friend and Padme is a female character from Star Wars.)

What’s your mom bad at?

M:  She is bad at building stuff.

A:  No she’s not, Max!  She’s not exactly bad at it, but she doesn’t know how she does it before she does it… it doesn’t come naturally to her like it does to my dad.

M:  Hey, Ali, is mom good at music?  She’s not really good at music, but Dad’s worse.

A:  I think he means dancing.

What do you think your dad’s favorite thing is about your mom?

M:  I know what it is!  KISSING.

A:  I don’t know really know, because he doesn’t really express what he likes about her, he just tries his hardest to annoy her.  It’s his life’s biggest goal.

What’s the most special thing about your mom?

M:  Me and Ali get to have time with her at Christmas time — that’s really special.

A:  I guess that she’s a mom!

When you grow up, will you be like your mom?  How?

M:  I want to be nice to animals, like our mom is nice to us, I want to be nice to animals.

A:  He wants to be an animal doctor when he grows up.

M:  Yes, I want to be an interior designer just like she is.

Anything else you want to say about your mom?  How do you feel when you think about your mom?

M:  I feel happy inside.  I FEEL HAPPY INSIDE!

-Meryl at the Goose

Staff Profile: Casey Lees

December 12, 2010

You know when you and a good friend are living really far away from each other, and your friend falls in love, and you don’t get the chance to meet the object of his or her affection because of the miles between you, but your friend is so happy that you’re just sure you adore this new paramour?  That’s sort of what happened for me with our new Mama Goose Assistant Manager, Casey Lees.  She returned from a prolonged Goose hiatus during my temporary one, and beyond spotting her briefly at the coat sale, we didn’t get a chance to spend much time together.  But, Kelly and Larkin and the other goslings were so glowy about all things Casey, I knew she must be something special — and I was right!  Now that I’ve gotten some quality Casey time, I’m smitten.  After reading the profile below, you will be too!

How long have you worked for Mama Goose and what do you do?

I was hired in 2008 a couple months before the Big Goose opened. I didn’t start until the new store was up and running. Then I left for a little over a year, and now I am back, as the Assistant Manager.  (Blogling note:  Miss Casey, much like myself, hates the snow and cold, and temporarily fled Ithaca for Virginia Beach.  Kelly Goose takes full responsibility for Casey’s return, as one day she said out loud, “Oh, I wish Casey would move back,” and very quickly thereafter, her wish came true.)

When you were gone, what did you miss most about the Goose?

I missed the people! I love working for someone who truly cares about their employees. I missed working with co-workers who were of such quality, and so very genuine— people you really can rely on (both in terms of work and friendship) and have great connections with. I missed being able to have a cup of tea and a bagel, while working.  Ahhh, the simple things!

What’s different in your second time around?

Aside from my new position, I came back to a whole bunch of new employees— all of whom I love. Our staff grew a lot, which is great.

Also while I was gone, I got the e-mail about the opening of Mimi’s Attic. I was SOOOOO excited- I couldn’t wait to visit and be able to shop there. And now, I am excited that I get to work there every so often! Once in a while, during my shift at the Goose, I sneak over there to see what has come in… things change so quickly, I am curious every day to get a peak.

When you’re not working, what are you doing?

When am I not working? Haha! What some people may not know is that I am also the manager for Spruce Row Campground & RV Park (here in Ithaca/Trumansburg.) I’ve worked for the campground for ten years. I love both businesses equally and, because of that, my brain is constantly “working”- brainstorming, worrying, wondering, planning, preparing, etc.  I am happy and proud to say that a huge part of my life is my two jobs. However, in the small amount of time I have that is not work related, I love to shop! I love to travel, but I never seem to be able to get very far … maybe someday! I love the beach still. I like to nanny, kids are awesome!  I love just vegging out at home and watching movies. In the winter I love ice skating. I am not much of a snow person, but this winter, I am hoping to learn some new fun winter activities like snowboarding to help me get through it.  In the summer, I love having lake days.

I also have realized over the past year that it’s the simple things are the most enjoyable:  I have an older sister (31) and three younger half-siblings (12, 8, 6) and just hanging out with them is awesome.  Family and friends are something I’ve learned to not take for granted.

Do you have a special relationship with anyone in particular at the Goose?

All of us ladies at the Goose have become friends, which is a definitely a perk about the job… and is also a blessing. But in particular, the famous store manager, Larkin, is my new housemate! We just moved into an apartment together and are having fun making it cute & comfy.

What is your favorite business in Ithaca other than Mimi’s and MG?

I love Purity Ice Cream!! The chocolate-sprinkle-dipped-waffle-cone with 1 scoop mocha & 1 scoop mint chocolate chip ice cream is absolute heaven.

I also love ZaZa’s, yummy! And, Gimme Coffee is always my favorite treat before or during work.

Do you have a group, club, organization, blog or business that you’d like to introduce and link to?

The Elizabeth Amisano Ovarian Cancer Education Fund (also known as Live Like Liz), is a foundation that began when a great friend of mine passed away at the age of 20 from ovarian cancer. Visit www.livelikeliz.org for more information on education, awareness, and the foundation itself.

And, of course, Spruce Row Campground & RV Park on Facebook and the web!

It’s a family-owned and operated campground & RV park, that can accommodate tent campers to large RV’s.  We also offer cabin and RV rentals. In addition to offering the beauty of the outdoors and a traditional regular camping experience, they also offer the planned and hosted activities such as events/crafts/live entertainment, pool, playgrounds, fishing pond, hayrides, etc. Visit the website for more info.

Plus, stay tuned for an upcoming cross-promotion with Mama Goose & Mimi’s Attic and the  opportunity to receive a free night of camping. This will be perfect for those of you who are new to camping but interested in trying it out, or for those who already know they love it!

Do you have a favorite quote? Song? Movie? Book? Color?

My favorite movie is Love & Basketball, and my favorite kid’s movie is The Lion King. I love the color pink!  I have too many favorite songs to list, but right now, Taylor Swift’s new CD is on repeat in my car.

I love any quote that speaks to living life to the fullest, taking chances, and working towards your dreams.

Any book by Roald Dahl is amazing! All his books are my favorites. A second favorite is Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski.  Kid or grown-up books, these will always be favorites. I learned to read with Go Dog Go. My adult favorite is It’s a Wonderful Lie: 26 Truths About Life in Your Twenties by Emily Franklin.

Are you on FB and/or do you tweet?

Facebook. It’s a love/hate relationship.

-Meryl at the Goose

Happy Father’s Day…

June 20, 2010

to the dads in our lives who deserve celebration: our friends who are fathers, our brothers who are fathers, the fathers of our children, the fathers of ourselves.  Happy Father’s Day to the dads who know that there is nothing emasculating about caring for others, that heading a family is more important than heading a company, and that finding a good father means finding a good man.  It is because of you that we are able to be the strong, kind, competent women we are, and though we often forget to say it, on this day, we thank you.

-The Geese at the Goose

Pictured above:  Sandy’s husband Mike, Alita’s dad Stephan, Elise’s husband Matt, Gina’s partner Pat, Gina’s dad Tony, Gwynne’s dad Barth, Heather’s husband Chris, Julie’s husband and father-in-law Tim and David, Kelly’s husband David, Megan’s husband Greg, Meryl’s husband Bailey, Sandy’s father-in-law Tom, Meryl’s dad Michael, Barb’s dad Lee, and Larkin’s best friend, Chris

How many kids do you have, and what are their ages?

Two — Olivia is 11 and Geneva is 7.

To whom are you married?

I’m married to THE Mama Goose, Kelly Moreland.

Tell us the story of the beginning of Mama Goose, from your point of view.

Kelly and I were living in Burbank, California. Olivia was 3 and Geneva was on the way and Kelly was already a really devoted resale shopper.  There was a resale shop that we would walk by in Burbank, and Kelly was very intrigued by it.  She kept saying that someday she wanted to open a shop like that, but in her own way.

We moved to Ithaca in 2002, shortly after Geneva was born.  Neither Kelly nor I are L.A. people, and we didn’t want to raise girls there, with the car culture and materialism.  Plus, Kelly’s family is 3 hours south of here, and my family is 3 hours west, so Ithaca is both a wonderful city and beautifully located for us.

We arrived at the beginning of a very cold, snowy winter (one of the coldest and snowiest in the 7 years we’ve been here.)  Kelly was going stir-crazy watching after kids, and got it in her head that she wanted to open the store she’d always talked about.  Olivia was attending preschool at Corner of the Sky, and it was there that Kelly met another mom, Michelle Stuhr, who had been thinking the exact same thing and had started doing it on a small scale.   They started meeting and talking and decided they’d do it together.

Little Goose opened in December 2003, just a year after our move from California, on a true shoestring budget, about $3000 each from both parties.  It was a big hit from the day it opened.  After about a year, when Michelle’s circumstances changed, Kelly bought her out and soldiered forth as the sole owner of Mama Goose.

How involved were you with the Little Goose?  With the opening of the Big Goose?

I’m always kind of the lackey — I painted the big Seneca Street sign, which is now in our barn, put up the racks on which the clothes were hung.  It seemed like every area of the wall was a different construction, so that took forever.  I did stuff like that …put up some shelves and then got called in sometimes thereafter when other things needed hanging.

Soon into the Little Goose, Kelly and Michelle realized that they were going to outgrow that space, and started looking around for other places.  This looking stage took a long time, and in the beginning, they were looking for another quaint space, like a house, and I was pushing for a more traditional, open retail space.   We looked at many, many spaces, sometimes seriously, until finally we found the Bishop’s building.  I accompanied Kelly in looking at all the buildings, serving as the paperwork and finance guy, so Kelly could focus on the nuts and bolts of running the store.

How are things working out between you and Mimi?

Mimi and I are doing well … I put on the same kind of hat for Mimi that I did for the Gooses, but in a much simpler, quicker affair.  It’s been much more hands on than the Big Goose renovation, because we wanted to do it less expensively, so I was rolling up my sleeves a lot more, doing the painting and putting together shelves.   Part of the effort to open early and effort to do things quickly has led to more responsibility for me, and there’s still a lot to be done.

So, you’re, like, a celebrity … you’ve been on the television and in the moving pictures and whatnot. Tell us about that.

I always enjoyed getting up in front of people – I did drama in high school, plays in college, and for 11 years worked as a repertory actor with the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble in Pennsylvania, where I acted, directed, wrote, designed, did a little bit of everything.  That’s where I  met Kelly, having already decided that I was going to move out to L.A., and she came with me.  We married out there, and lived there were six years and, in pretty short order, I became a blue collar character actor.  Everyone gets typed in L.A., and I was typed as an abrasive authority figure — high school principal, assistant district attorney, college professor … sometimes comic, sometimes dramatic, but always abrasive.

Could you please emphatically explain just how much you are NOT a professional clown?

I’ve never understood how anyone, especially anyone who has actually seen my show, can think I’m a clown.  I think of clowns with painted faces, red noses, and clown costumes, and I have none of those things.  I am a magician.

Like lots of little boys, I liked magic as a kid, then gave it up.  When I got the job at the theatre company in Pennsylvania, the first year I was cast in the children’s production of King Arthur and the Nights of the Roundtable, and they needed someone to play Merlin.  When no one raised their hand to say they had experience with magic,  I admitted that I goofed around with it as a kid, and they said, “OK, you’re it.”  My friend, who was a mime, told me that there was lots of work for magicians, and that if I came up with a show, he could refer people to me, since he got calls for magicians all the time.  My magic show debuted in 1987, and I’ve been doing it as a sideline project ever since.  I was doing birthday party magic as a sideline the whole time we were in L.A. – about 15 parties a month — and now that we’re in upstate New York,  I mostly do educational magic shows in schools and libraries.  I’m just about to kick off my summer tour, which is fairly light this year — 35 shows this summer compared to the 60 or so I’ve done in the past, leaving me plenty of time for long weekends of work for Mimi.

What’s been the most pleasant surprise about being a dad? The least pleasant surprise?

I think the most pleasant surprise is how greedy are my girls are to hear stories about when I was a boy, and sometimes to hear them over and over again, and then sometimes to have me tell them to my friends – that there’s a family lore that they really treasure.  I didn’t see that coming.

One of the saddest things for me is how they outgrow things and don’t go back.  Geneva, when she was first able to speak, called Olivia “Ya-ya,” and Olivia stayed “Ya-Ya” for some time until one Christmas Break when Geneva heard all of the cousins call her sister Olivia, and then she gave it up. I had really hoped that “Ya-ya” would be there to stay.

How do you feel about being a dad of daughters?

I was very relieved to have daughters, because I’m not a sports, guys-guy, and having been not a guys-guy in elementary school, I know how difficult it is to not be very good at football, or baseball, or basketball, so I felt very relieved and happy to be able to have girls.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day?

It’s always the NY Times in bed and coffee brought to me, and then we typically eat out.  This year, weather permitting, I’m going to read the Times, get out of bed, get on my bike, and bike to Aurora. Kelly and the girls are going to meet me at the Aurora Inn where we’re going to have the lovely Sunday brunch there, and then I’ll put the bike on the back of the car and we’ll drive home.

Any advice for dads-to-be out there? Or for magicians-to-be? Or, really, for anyone else?

For future magicians, I’d say to get experience as an actor first. One of the famous magicians, Robert Houdin, I believe, said that a magician is just an actor playing the role of a magician.  Where most magicians fall down is not in their technical skills, but in their limitations as an actor.

As for parents-to-be, aside from doing all of your shopping at Mama Goose, and this isn’t giant, uber advice or anything, but it works — get yourselves a copy of the soundtrack to The Music Man.  Lullabies don’t soothe babies.  You want a baby to stop crying — you put on 76 Trombones and bounce that baby around the room.

For more about David the Magician, visit his website to view video clips and learn about his summer tour.  For more about David the Papa Goose, stop by Mimi’s Attic or Mama Goose … he’ll be the one doing something extremely important in the background while the rest of us flit around and forget to say thank you.

Gwynne Mapes, the new manager at Mimi's, hard at work on opening day

You know that young, beautiful, sophisticated and discerning gosling who seems to have vanished off the floor of Mama Goose of late?  That’s Gwynne, and she’s hasn’t disappeared … she’s simply flitted next door to become the manager of Mimi’s Attic.  We thought this transition was cause for celebration, and a great chance to let you all get to know Gwynne a little better!  Check out her profile below, and then stop by Mimi’s to watch her in action.

How long have you worked for Mama Goose and what do you do?

I started working at Mama Goose in September of 2008. I left in January to go to Seminary in Dallas, and then started working again this past July. I used to make a lot of signs and outfits, but now I mostly buy in clothes that end up in the “basket of shame.” Actually, now I mostly don’t do anything at the Goose, ‘cause I’m always at Mimi’s!

How did you land at The Goose?

Well, after I graduated from college I moved back to Ithaca and attempted to get a job in my major (English and Linguistics). I even bought a suit jacket with a matching skirt. But, all employers hated me. Sandy suggested I apply to the Goose. I wore bright green J. Crew corduroys to my interview and I’m pretty sure that’s what made me get the job.

What’s the best part about your new gig at Mimi’s Attic?

I love what we sell! And I love being part of something new, and helping build Kelly’s vision. I fully believe in beautifying the things around you—why not spend $10 on a bouquet of flowers every week if they bring you joy every time you see them? I want Mimi’s to be a place that can foster that sort of ideal in people.

What will you miss most about being at the Goose? 

Too many things. I’m feeling especially starved for customer interaction right now, and I really miss having awkward conversations with babies. I also desperately miss all the amazing women I work with, except for Kelly, who I’m really sick of.  Just kidding! Kelly’s my favorite.

What did you first think when Kelly told you about Mimi’s?

I was freaking out! I called my mom and all my friends and made secret plans for how I was going to weasel my way into being directly involved.

When you’re not working, what are you doing?

I eat a lot and run a lot. I also hang out with my annoying dog, Schuyler, and my annoying boyfriend, Nathan. I spend a lot of time obsessing over my sisters and how much cooler/prettier they are than me.

How many homes have you had in your life? What was special about each of them? 

I guess I would say I have had four “homes.” My main one is the house I grew up in, in Lansing. My parents and youngest sister still live there — it’s way too small for my family but it’s kinda perfect because my family really likes being together and laughing. We also really love eating (thanks, Momma!). 

My second home is my grandmother’s cottage on Lake Erie in Vermilion, OH. It’s in a place called Linwood, which I talk about all the time because it’s so wonderful. We go there every summer (I even went while in the womb), and see my extended family on my mom’s side. I get really tan…but I swear that’s not why I love it so much!

My third home is the house I lived in while attending Mary Washington College in Virginia. I lived with my best friends, and I really miss seeing them every morning and watching America’s Next Top Model marathons. The house was a little gangster with the smallest kitchen EVER. And we rarely cleaned. It was actually really disgusting, now that I think about it.

My fourth home is the apartment I live in now—this one is especially wonderful to me because it’s my first adult home! I decorated it myself, and I love it. I’m so happy to be back in Ithaca, and to be living downtown, and to be so close to almost everything and everyone that is important to me. I guess the trend I’ve noticed is that home for me is really about who I’m with, not where I am.

What’s your favorite thing about the place you live in now?  What’s something that has to go/change?

My favorite things are the hardwood floors, big windows, picture frames, and garden. I would change the color of the walls—I love the clean and crisp look of white walls but color is kinda my thing right now. I would paint the living room blue, the bathroom sage green, and the kitchen butter yellow. And I would buy all my furniture and linens from Anthropologie or Mimi’s Attic! 

What is your favorite business in Ithaca other than Mimi’s and MG?

Probably the Ithaca Bakery or Greenstar. Maybe Taste of Thai?

Do you have a group, club, organization, blog or business that you’d like to introduce and link to?

Yes! My best friend, newly pregnant, has an amazing blog. She posts pictures of decorating inspiration, JCrew finds, and delicious recipes.  Also, although she lives in Minneapolis she is an official Mama Goose customer and is planning on diapering her baby exclusively through the Goose! Yay, Katie!!!

Do you have a favorite something? 

My favorite book is Beloved by Toni Morrison.

Are you on FB and/or do you tweet? 

Facebook, baby!

Sandy on losing Gwynne to Mimi’s:

I thought I would miss my frequent reminders that it is time to feed, but as it turns out, Gwynne comes on over from Mimi’s to tell us when mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and apple-time all are. I will miss seeing her overly excited about some super cute whats-it-not that just came in, or that she just discovered on the floor.  I will miss the frequent updates on why she is temporarily leaving the floor…the ones that are usually followed by one of us with “I did not need to know that”, but somehow I suspect that we will still hear many of those.   And, as always when an employee goes from full to part-time, or part-time to frequent shopper, or from The Goose to Mimi’s in this case, I will simply miss hanging and enjoying life on a daily basis with a great friend!

Kelly on Gwynne: 

Gwynne and I have been working side by side for about a month now as we have been getting Mimi’s ready. Of course we worked together at Mama Goose, but the joined-at-the-hip-thing is a new thing for us.  As I suspected, Gwynne is very easy to be with for eight hours a day. She is funny and hard-working – two of my favorite qualities in a person.  Plus, Gwynne shares my compulsion for order and procedure, so we can both be perfectly content discussing things like paper clipping verses stapling.

We have been throwing the word “beautify” around a lot at Mimi’s, because that’s what the merchandise inspires us to do. This is a word that also comes to mind when thinking about Gwynne, because she puts a lot of thought into presentation. The Mimi’s space is raw and unpolished, and Gwynne has done a great job of creating pockets of beauty amidst the chaos.  Like a bird in Danskos (Gwynne always wears Danskos at work), Gwynne darts around the enormous store and brings order to it all.

Still curious about Gwynne and her impeccable sense of style?  Take a peak inside her apartment over on our Flickr page.  Then, get yourself to Mimi’s, post-haste! 

When she's not at Mimi's or the Goose, Gwynne spends some quality time with her canine companion, Schuyler

-Meryl at the Goose

Who’s Your Mama?

May 8, 2010

From left to right, my mom, her mom, and me: three little girls in three favorite dresses

Let’s play a Mother’s Day game!  Pictured below are several of your favorite Mama Goose staffers in some of their favorite childhood outfits.  Can you pick out who’s who?   After you give it a shot, tell us about your favorite togs from toddlerhood (or later — I was just aching for some alliteration.)  









The gosling you know is on the right


The little girl in this picture is also the baby in picture #4

Get guessing… I’ll reveal the correct answers in the comments sometime tomorrow.   Happy Mother’s Day! 

-Meryl at the Goose