In honor of last night’s Academy Awards show, we present a very special formalwear edition of the Look of the Week, starring three-year-old Felix.

With his twinkling eyes and tousled hair, Felix arrived at our shoot with a roguish grin and an unimpressed attitude — the same one we’ve seen from the likes of Hugh Grant and Russell Crowe for years of red carpets.  Even when presented with his Mama Goose Oscar (Three Men in a Tub by Northstar Toys), Felix maintained a breezy air, as though completely unable to fathom what all the fuss was about.

Of course, we know the fuss was about his size 2 Janie & Jack dress pants ($6.95), Old Navy button down (size 2, $1.95) and navy Gap blazer (size 2, $7.95), not to mention Felix’s timeless good looks (and Stride Rite dress shoes — size 8w, $9.95.)  Check out the pics below, and you’ll know why Felix is my pick for this year’s Future Heartthrob statuette.

That boy’s got to thank the academy of cuteness when he accepts his award… and his mama.   I always love when they thank their mamas.

-Meryl at the Goose


It’s the sweetest day of the year … flowers and chocolates abound and saccharine expressions of sentiment are pouring forth from greeting cards.  It’s only right that today’s Look of the Week post should have a little extra sweetness in it.

This is Noura.  She’s 3, and is sugar and spice and everything nice if ever I’ve come across it.  Pictured here in a Lydia Jane dress (size 2T, $5.95), tights from our bin ($1.95) and Miss Capezio shoes in size 8 ($6.95), Noura used her charm to display some of the exciting items currently in our “gear” collection.

She cozied up on the most heart-warming toddler bed you ever did see.  ($160.97 w/ mattress, $350 new, linens available at Mimi’s Attic)

Then, she took a ride on one of two rocking horses currently gracing the floor. ($7.99)

Then, completely satisfied with her performance, she turned, walked away, put on her every day clothes and walked out of my life forever… or until I next spot her and her frequent-customer mama at the Goose.  Still, she’s a little heartbreaker, and the perfect choice for our Valentine’s Day Look of the Week.

Hope your day was filled with adorable pink and red clothing (and love, I guess.)

-Meryl at the Goose

Navia Sunshine, known to her friends as Navi, is such a frequent Goose customer that I always assumed she’d long ago starred in our Look of the Week segment.  Turns out, this was not so, and what an oversight!  Navi and I had a great time gallavanting around the store in this week’s look, making silly faces and pontificating about the nonsensical nature of life.  Gotta love a girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Navi, a month shy of her 3rd birthday, has been rocking the size 4 section for a while now.  This week’s look features an Old Navy dress in size 4T ($6.95) (navy blue with pink buttons AND pockets! cuteness!) and Gymboree leggings (size 4, $3.95.)  The fabulous fringed footwear completing the outfit are The Children’s Place boots in size 8 ($4.50).

This is the smile of self-satisfaction that comes with being adorable

Oh, that Navi.  When I’m with her baby, I go out of my head.  I just can’t get enough.

-Meryl at the Goose

Owen, age 2, lookin' cool in the cold

It’s sort of hard to believe in the terrible twos when there are toddlers out there who are this stinkin’ cute.  This handsome young fellow is Owen, son of the lovely Theresa, who keeps Mimi’s Attic up and running and occasionally graces the Goose floor as well.  Owen enjoys mama’s mac and cheese, the movie Ponyo, and rocking the socks off of a Look of the Week photo shoot.

Owen’s outfit starts off with a 50 cent tank from our undershirt bin, underneath a Lands’ End sweater in size 2T ($4.95) and worn with Wonder Kids lined jeans in 2T ($5.50.)  Owen’s feet show off a huge footwear score — size 6.5 boots by Danish brand Ecco (a total steal at $12.95 — similar styles new go for $80!) 

His outer layer, pictured above, is a Children’s Place vest (size 24 months, $6.95 — also on the floor in a size 4 in pink/grey, $6.95) and a matching hat from our hat bin ($1.95.) With layers like these and the smile pictured above and below, Owen’s a surefire way to warm your heart on a chilly winter day!  Many thanks to his mama for lending him to us. 

Every outfit is better atop a pink Razor scooter, $29.97

Dimples go great with any look!

Sometimes even Owen himself can't believe his own cuteness -- can you?

-Meryl at the Goose

Look of the “Week”

December 27, 2010

In recent months, for a plethora of reasons, the Look of the Week ceased being an actual weekly feature.  Today, it returns as the Look of the “Week,” in which the word “week” has a more flexible than commonly employed.  I figured that Look of the Week, even if slightly untrue, flows better than Look of Whenever I Can Get It Together and Have a Willing and Available Model.  (LOWICGITAHAWAAM???? That’s extreme, even for me.)

Anyway, back to the triumphant return.  This season of holiday cheer brought me the delightful Angelina, 8-year-old third grader at Ithaca Waldorf School and natural born fashion model, who was kind enough to try on not one, not two, but THREE fabulous looks for your viewing pleasure.

First up, we have an adorable Hanna Andersson dress in a 9/10 (pictured at the top of the post and below, $13.95.)  Layered with blue tights (MP, size 120, $3) and a London Fog wool coat in size 8 ($16.95) and worn with wintry Mary Janes by Arizona (size 3, $5.95), this outfit is a great way to dress up without sacrificing warmth.

Outfit #2 was inspired by those weeks at the Goose when we have mamas and papas running in during lunch breaks, screeching, “I need black pants!  A black skirt!  A white top!  CONCERT!!!!!!!” Now, the lilac cardigan below may not exactly fit in with the dress code, but I still think it’s the perfect ensemble for a budding musician.  Pictured below:  Gap cardigan (size 7/8, $4.95) and Old Navy dress (size 7/8, $7.95).  Tights and shoes are model’s own.

Finally, I just couldn’t resist an Angelina Ballerina reference and the chance to remind everyone that Mama Goose has a great collection of dance wear. Our Angelina dons a leotard by Jacques Moret in size 8/10 (new w/tags, $6.95) and a locally made Roxanne Engstrom ballet skirt (one size, $14.97) with Sam and Libby ballet flats (size 3, $1) and her own tights.

And with that, consider the Look of the Week back in business!  E-mail if you know of anyone who’d like to strike a pose for the Goose in our LOTW segment.

-Meryl at the Goose

I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I’ve got a bit of Mama Goose snobbery in me.  I almost never shop the bargain bins.  I don’t know why — I LOVE a bargain.  I totally have Jewish grandma disease:  I can’t accept a compliment on something I’m wearing without stage whispering, “I got it 40% off!” (My own Jewish grandma has been known to put the receipt from a particularly good deal on her refrigerator so that she can show it to visitors.)   The bargain bins, however, have just never appealed to me.  Maybe it’s because everything at the Goose is already a bargain?  Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to bend down?

Whatever it is, I’ve got to get over it.  Check out the above-pictured outfits, all sourced completely from the bargain bins.    We’ve got a size 4 Old Navy top for $2.00 with brand new H & M capris in size 3/4 for $3.00. That’s a $5.00 outfit!  Next is a 50 cent Sonoma polo in size 2 and size 24 month $1.00 shorts.  $1.50 total!!!  The last outfit is a 50 cent Circo tank with $1.00 Gymboree shorts (both in size 4).  That’s another $1.50 outfit, and it’s not like it’s totally out of season.  It was 89 degrees today.  Plus, there are all sorts of other adorable things in the bins right now — cute gingham Gymboree pants for $2, a brand new Children’s Place bathing suit for $1, vintage wash Abercrombie shorts…

This is all to say that unless you’re spending your day tomorrow curing cancer or brokering a peace deal for the Middle East, you should probably stop by the Goose and check out the bargain bins.  It’s that important.  Tomorrow only, you can fill a plastic bag with clearance items, like the adorable ones pictured above, and get the whole bag for $5.  That’s worth putting the receipt on the fridge.

-Meryl at the Goose

“If your mother still drives you to school, you ain’t no gangsta.  Pull your pants up.”

-Jeff Foxworthy

You may recall that my eldest child is a seventeen-year-old boy, and for those of you familiar with the remarkable creature that is the teen boy, you’re aware that they actually have a fair amount in common with infants — all they do is eat and sleep, demand a lot of attention, and occasionally get really stinky.  The biggest difference between the two?  Teenage boys dress themselves.

My teenage boy in particular considers himself a bit of a gangsta fashionista.  This translates into a sneaker fetish, an accessory collection larger than mine, and, of course, the unstoppably saggy pants.  Little did I know that this style would somehow sneakily grow on me, and I would find myself dressing a Look of the Week model like this:

That’s Ben, and he’s angsty, so don’t go hating on his flavor.  The flavor, in this case, consists of a pair of size 11 Nike sneakers ($3.95), a size 2 UP It tank top ($.95) and a size 4 vest by Sesame Street ($2.95).  The jeans are a size 3 by Idexe ($5.95) and, though I failed to capture this photographically, actually have an additional boxer-like waistband sewn above the traditional denim one.  That’s right, your toddler can be gangsta, just like Ben, and look how happy he is (when he takes a break from looking tough.)

I’d go rollin’ with that homie.  Look — he even looks fly from the back.

That’s right, no one on the corner has swagga like Ben.  (Note:  that link is to our family theme song.  We sing it on road trips.  I am possibly the world’s worst mother, but never mind that.   Ben looks adorable.)

-Meryl at the Goose