Mama Goose deals with some stork envy

At the Goose, mamas-to-be are some of our favorite customers.  The expectant mom glow is infectious, and helping an eager mama pick out items for the child she’s waiting to meet is one of the highlights of a gosling’s work day. 

We meet tons of almost mamas, but unfortunately for us, as soon as the kidlet arrives, we’re out of the loop!  Sure, I suppose we don’t actually want brand new mamas to drag their exhausted selves out of bed, using up their precious energy reserves by making the schlep to the Goose just to satisfy our curiosity, but we do really want to hear about the baby! 

So, to satisfy our nosiness, we’re starting a Customer Baby Announcement blog feature.  If you or another MG customer you know has recently added a child to your family, tell us about it by e-mailing  For the month of April, we’ll be playing catch-up … announcing all the customer kidlets who have arrived thusfar in the year 2010.  After that, we’ll do announcements monthly … April arrivals in May, May arrivals in June, and so on.  You get it. 

Without further adieu, I am please to present the very first ever Mama Goose Baby Anouncement:

The Kid:  Luca Vicedomini Riker

The Mama:  Laura Love

Born:  March 7, 2010

Weight:  7 pounds, 7 ounces

From Mama’s Mouth:  “Luca is truly a blessing for us, as we have met with challenges throughout my pregnancy. In December, I landed in the hospital for four days after a car accident. There was concern about internal bleeding and a partial abruption, and had it been any worse we probably would have been sent to Syracuse to deliver him at a mere 25 weeks. Luckily, we were given the all clear and went home. When the time finally came to have our sweet boy, we were so thrilled! And though he was ready to be born, he was being rather stubborn. Several hours of no progress whatsoever, combined with a dipping heart rate with each contraction prompted the doctor to recommend it was time to get him out– NOW. My first cesarean, and I was so not prepared for that! But it needed to be done. Luca struggled with breathing once he was delivered, but made it over that hurdle as well. Three weeks later, he is growing, he is beautiful, and we absolutely cherish every second. Remind me of that at 2am, please!”

Congratulations to Luca, Laura and all their loved ones! 

-Meryl at the Goose