A Cure for the Common Cold

March 28, 2011

I feel like my household brings home a disproportionate amount of illness.  It comes with the territory of having four kids at three different schools and three different age groups — we’re jumping into the germ pool from all sides.  Why I didn’t write this blog appeal for help ages ago is anybody’s guess.  Seriously, check out the pathetic faces of sickness that have shown up over the past few cold and flu seasons:

Right now in my house, I can count one sinus infection, three runny noses, two fevers (one low-grade, one high) and one soul-shaking cough.  Nothing I do seems to help … we get by on baby Tylenol and fluids, but neither seems to make a dent in the giant pile of agony that builds up in the den of sickness.

What do you do for your sick kids when they’re stricken by the dreaded cough and cold?  How do you keep the mucus monster at bay?  I’m desperate for your suggestions … this family may not make it through another snot-infested day.

-Meryl at the Goose


5 Responses to “A Cure for the Common Cold”

  1. Paula Says:

    If you figure out the answer, please tell me. This winter we’ve had RSV, six sinus infections, and a stomach bug. Feels like not a weekend has gone by since before Thanksgiving that someone has not been sick. I’m hoping spring will be the cure, if it ever comes!

  2. Sandra Sorensen Says:

    We are on our third or fourth round of the stomach flu, they seem to run into each other so I have lost track. Our kids eat healthy are active and the ones that get sick do not even go to school!

    I’ve recently heard two things (tonight, in fact) that I am excited to try.

    1. Baking Soda Bath- 60 minutes in slightly hotter than you would normally take bath with 1/4 cup of baking soda.

    2. Air Borne- two of my friends swear by it.

    My last cold I drank Theraflu and it made me really sleepy which I think helped, cold gone in 2 days.

  3. Diana Says:

    we’ve been sick more than not this season, as have many of the people we know…it’s a particularly bad year for some reason….swine flu held nothing on this year, for us.

    We’ve been using: Bio Allers Sinus and Allergy Relief Nasal Spray, which you can get at Greenstar.

    We also like Thera Zinc Throat Spray, available at Drugs stores, which seems to knock back some of the coughing and helps a lot with sore throats.

    I’m pregnant, so options are limited for me but these seem to help all of us.

    Like Paula, I’m dreaming of spring and convinced that warmer temps will help. So sorry you’ve been struggling with this so much, it just really stinks!

  4. @Diana — do you use the Throat Spray on your wee ones? Are your wee ones 4 or under? I’ve become hyper paranoid since that the FDA basically said that anything you might possibly buy to treat your toddler’s cough will probably kill him.

  5. SuperDaddio Says:

    Once they are sick you have to ride it out, nothing you can really do at that point but feed them some soup and keep them hydrated. From my perspective prevention is the key. My kids take a vitamin drink that supposedly boosts their immune system by 28% so my wife and I rarely deal with it much any more.

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