Mama Goose (and Ithaca) Loves Teachers

February 20, 2011

Four amazing local teachers, clockwise from top-left: Chris Bell of Fall Creek Elementary, Becca Rodomsky-Bish of New Roots, Kathleen Holton of Fall Creek and Anne Modlin of South Hill

It’s the week of February vacation, and that means different things for different folks.  Some jet off to warmer climates, others hunker down and try to make some creative childcare arrangements for the week.  Thanks to the Ithaca/Tompkins County Convention & Visitors Bureau, though, everyone can use this school vacation as an opportunity to think about the people taking a hard-earned break this week: our teachers.

With the members of my brood distributed among three different schools, we have wonderful educators touching our lives on a daily basis, and I know we’re not alone.  The teachers pictured above are just a few of the many doing incredible things for children.  Geneva Moreland, daughter of Kelly Goose, recently participated in the School of Rock band led by Chris Bell, pictured above. Becca Rodomsky-Bish, having recently completed a unit on composting, has my eighteen-year-old convinced that he’s going to be a millionaire worm farmer.

Teachers can make a difference in ways no one else can, and that’s the motivation behind Ithaca Loves Teachers week.  Teachers and other school personnel can register for a V.I.T.  (Very Important Teacher) pass to display at local businesses and events throughout the week to obtain special teacher-only deals and promotions.

At Mimi’s Attic, a V.I.T. pass will get you a handmade piece of chocolate from Life’s So Sweet.

At Mama Goose, V.I.T. pass-holders who spend $15 will receive a free children’s book of his or her choice.

Those are just two of the many, many, many extra special things available to teachers this week.   I, for one, am grateful that the entire town is taking this week to say thank you all together.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In the midst of this official Teacher Appreciation event, is there a specific teacher you’d like to thank?  Please do so in the comments below.

-Meryl at the Goose


3 Responses to “Mama Goose (and Ithaca) Loves Teachers”

  1. Margie Says:

    Joann VanEsselstyn and Nancy Hanlon, Jennings School, Fairfield,CT
    John W. Campbell, DeVilbiss H.S., Toledo, Ohio

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I didn’t get a picture of him, but Geneva loves her teacher “Mr. C” (Fall creek 3rd grade) who does a great job building community, personal responsibility and math facts! I love how he talks about stepping out of your comfort zone and into your learning zone and how the two zones feel different. My daughter adores her math teacher, Ms. Wilcox (Boynton Middle School) and not just because she stands on the tables to get their attention. She does a fabulous job of making sure that all the kids in her class progress together and are engaged. No zoning out in Ms. Wilcox class.

    • Anonymous Says:

      yes, Julie Wilcox is amazing, goes above and beyond every single day. She works hard to create partnerships between her students and expects each kid to do amazing things, just believes in them. Actually, my daughter had Mr. C. last year at Fall Creek and we were all so impressed with him, the comments before mine describe his talents well.

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