Valentine’s Day: A Poll

February 14, 2011

You know how Law and Order is often “ripped from the headlines?”  Well, my blog posts are often ripped from Facebook, and this post is one of them.

My wonderful friend Keli lamented this evening about her hatred for the tradition of exchanging valentines in school.  She (and the subsequent commenters) made some valid points:  generally, that the exercise is a waste of paper that kids don’t care about anyway.  Still, I stayed up late preparing two classes worth of the valentines pictured above, and I even liked doing it.  Maybe somewhere I have an inner romantic I’ve never met, or, more likely, this kind of activity is great for my obsessive compulsive need to craft.  Either way, I’m kind of on board with Valentine’s Day.

How about you all?  Vote in the poll below and tell us all about our V-Day plans in the comments.


-Meryl at the Goose


7 Responses to “Valentine’s Day: A Poll”

  1. margie Says:

    My daughter loved crafts and enjoyed the process in early grade school. So, craft we did. For my son, it was just those pre-packaged Valentines and he did not care at all. My least favorite was the Valentine snow day on a Friday after I’d been up late with those sappy cards making sure that I missed no one on the class list. Snow Day? The cards went in the garbage. (This was before recycling)

  2. Leslie Setlock Says:

    I like the V-day parties, but notsomuch the paper Valentine’s. It’s kind of a no-win. We have three kids, with class sizes ranging from 12-20 kids, plus teachers. I do not have the time, will or money to make 50-60 handcrafted-yet-equal Valentines so we go the prepackaged route.

    I don’t really see the point. It doesn’t mean anything about affection, since you have to give the same card to each child (when it’s pretty unlikely you love each classmate, equally.) Yet back in my day, kids *were* allowed to give cards to only the people they chose, it was pretty hurtful to end up with a nearly-empty bag. It’s a no-win. I would do a party, skip the cards (and save a few trees.)

  3. I have always loved doing the crafty valentines cards. In fact, most years my daughter and I made decorated cookies for her class, with cards. We homeschool now, and the part I don’t miss is those premade advertisements for some television show. I always loved seeing even the most clumsy effort from another kid that made their own, though!

  4. Emily Monkey Says:

    I was a preschool teacher and now am a director of a preschool and I H.A.T.E. the way this holiday is done in most schools. It becomes chaotic when parents feel like they have to spend money that they don’t necessarily have and someone always gets forgotten and banned substances or inappropriate toys show up. I just feel like every year it gets very emotionally messy, and not in a good way.

  5. Alita Says:

    My kids love crafting, and because I love this holiday (compared to pressure-filled Christmas) I am happy to help them make valentines. We don’t buy anything or give gifts to the school kids. A glittery heart cut out of wrapping paper or construction paper will do for us. Our house is filled with recycled paper-chains and twirly hearts that we’ve been making for a week. It helps that there is usually a snow day right around it so I have a craft with a purpose and deadline to fill the day up.

    This year my mother-in-law sent us cards to give out, so I will, by we also made cards for the people we love.

  6. Kelly Says:

    Some years, it gets a bit hairy because the kids start out too detailed with the cards and I worry they’ll never finish them. I find it helps a lot to buy a few special craft materials so that they don’t have to get too creative with their “card production”. I highly recommend the “scrap packs” of card stock that you can by at A.C. Moore. They make card making really easy. We use them for gift tags too. In general, though it’s a pain sometimes, I think it’s nice for the kids to take a moment and think of each of their class mates individually.

  7. Asha Says:

    For the girls school/daycare we just buy cheap cards at the dollar store. The girls love them and we so rarely buy into mainstream commercialism that I figure in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal.

    The best part for me, though, is pulling out all the accumulated National Geographics, etc. and making cards for each other. The girls love the cards that their dad and I make for them and save them forever. And I think it’s good for them to see us gleefully buried in cut paper and glue sticks making each other valentines. With so many of their friend’s parents getting divorced it makes them happy to see us so sweet on each other.

    And it’s good for me, too.

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