Snow Day: Help!

February 2, 2011

My hatred of all things winter has become sort of a theme here on the blog. So, it should not surprise you that when the ICSD decided to close school even BEFORE IT STARTED SNOWING, I felt like this:

Full disclosure: This is actually a cropped version of a picture of Ray on the toilet. I thought you might be glad to know that even my total lack of respect for my kids' privacy has some limit.

Also not surprising, is that my kids (and yours, I’m sure) want the day to look something like this:

Clearly, we have a conflict.  So, here we all are: my husband at work, the rest of us still in our pajamas, children antsy, mommy in need of more coffee.  How on earth am I going to survive the day?

Help me!  What are you doing on this region-wide snow day?  I’m desperate for suggestions.  Hit me up with fun indoor games, great places to sled, and offers to come take my children off my hands.  (That last one’s a joke… sort of.)

-Meryl at the Goose


5 Responses to “Snow Day: Help!”

  1. Christina Luglan Says:

    Hey Meryl, If you’re brave enough to get in your car and drive all the way out to the burg, you can come sledding on Rice hill. There is always a crowd there and I bet it’s gonna be full of revelry today. I laughed at your description of the day so far because those would have been my words exactly. Hope you survive the day.

  2. Wendy WIlliams Says:

    We added 4 teens to our already large crew and they are making waffles for everyone right now… Plans to sled and drink hot cocoa, plus an afternoon Star Wars movie marathon! I think I’ll knit by the fire. 🙂

  3. Erika Says:

    I recommend chopping the day up into 30 minute intervals – give each child some blocks to build with or something sensory to do like sand. Hide small objects in the sand for child to find. If the activity is going really well, keep it going for another 30 min. Otherwise, be prepared to move it along. If you have 2 cups of cornstarch, 1 cup of water and a little food coloring, you can play in some gloopy glooop for while. Put on some music and clean a room for 30 minutes or so. The little ones can help by putting everything in a big pile while you take each item and put it where it goes. Later, put on some calm mood music, get one crayon per child and you and each person draw some abstract scribbles. Help each child make a fort for self – use blankets or empty appliance boxes, etc. Decorate it with pictures – add comfy pillows. A few stuffed animals. Mine sometimes sits in his fort while I read a book just outside of it. Blow up a balloon and play volleyball back and forth. At the first sign of friskiness start putting on your coat and shoes and direct them to do the same. Time for a brisk walk. Do it fast before they can think to protest. Put on a movie. When kids get funky again, quickly grab a bucket full of sudsy water and start cleaning the kitchen floor. They should join in with a sponge if they want (who can resist water play). Let them slide around a bit. For some fun compliance games – play “mother may I”, “red light – green light”, or “mommy says” (instead of simon says). Get out some giant paper and trace the child. Child can then use paints to color self in. Hang it up. Make a snowball target board and go outside to throw balls at it. Make some snow pies with breadcrumb toppings and go inside to watch the birds eat it. Take some cookie cutters outside and make snow cookies with it. Decorate the yard with cookies. Again, top it with birdseed and watch the birds eat it.

  4. Kelly Says:

    Wow! I want to come live with Erika! Thanks for the great ideas, Erika!

  5. Where’d you get those teens, Wendy? Mine are still asleep! Let’s swap. (Okay, to be fair, one is still asleep. The other is an angel who shoveled the sidewalk and steps.)

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