Guest Blog: Kristina Petrella

January 27, 2011

As much as I like to pretend that I’m the only blogger in the world and that the Mama Goose blog is the only place in the entire internet that you ever need to visit, that’s not actually the case.  In fact, the extended Mama Goose community has a pretty impressive presence in cyberspace.  Our customers blog about everything from homeschooling to food to inspirational creative awesomeness.  (Sorry — Maya’s kind of my internet idol.  That was the only way I could think of to describe her blog.)  You can see a list of our customer blogs over on the right sidebar — if you and your site would like to be included, just shoot me an e-mail.

This week, one of our wonderful customer bloggers was sweet enough to write about her love for the Goose.  The post below originally appeared on Wednesday on Kristina Petrella’s blog, 3under4, a great read for anyone who knows the joy (and exhaustion!) of running around after multiple little ones.  Thank you, Kristina, for sharing your place in cyberspace with us! We love you, too!

From 3Under4:  Shopping at Consignment Shops

What exactly do newborn babies do?




Yep. That’s pretty much it.

Even so, it is always tons of fun to have a few cute outfits to dress them up in,

you know, to take your mind off the fact that you are

sleep deprived,



THEY still hurt. Like crazy.

Even so, I can barely bring myself to spend close to ten dollars on a newborn outfit that will fit for 2.5 days (ok, that’s an exaggeration–it is more like 3 weeks) or get pooped in and ruined on day 1. So what is my solution?

I shop at second-hand and consignment shops.

In particular, I tend to shop at one consignment shop–Mama Goose. They have a wonderful selection of secondhand clothing for pregnant/nursing mamas, newborn babes, and children up to age twelve. It is also super accessible, even if you have a stroller (which I always do). I rarely visit this store without at least two of my children in tow. Needless to say, it is always an adventure.

Earlier this week, in my nesting frenzy, I found a bag of my son’s eighteen-month clothes. I was thrilled and decided to take them to Mama Goose, just to see what I could get for them. I was thrilled to get $28.00 in store credit (there is a cash option). As my clothes were being sorted by the lovely staff, I perused their inventory and stocked up on the following….

8 outfits…all Carter’s and yes, the blue one in the upper right corner still has tags on it.

The yellow one on the left is probably what she will come home in.

(Another look at the outfit with tags)

I also snagged 14 onesies at $ .50 each as well as my splurge…the used Robeez were $6.95. Normally they would be out of my price range, but they are in super good condition and they were super cute.

I spent $42.00. With my $28.00 store credit and my coupon card ($10 off your next purchase), I paid $2.77 out of pocket.

And THAT, folks is why I shop at consignment shops, because these are some super cute deals for basically pocket change.

-Kristina of


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  1. Amy Says:

    Love this!!!!!

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