Staff Profile: Elise Haney

January 20, 2011

I’ve had a great time introducing some of our goslings to you through our staff profile series, and we’ve still got some to go.  This time, I thought I’d try a different approach.  Instead of asking staffer Elise to tell us about herself, I spent some time with her daughter Ally, age 11, and son Max, 6.  They told me all about their mom, and now I’m telling you!

Note:  Max occasionally gave his answers in gleeful shout.  Said gleeful shout is indicated by all caps.

Where does your mom work?


A:  She also works with my dad at a house building company called Carina.

M: And, and, and me and Ali’s mom is an interior designer, and she has her own website!

What does she do at Mama Goose?

M:  What she does at Mama Goose is gets things for me and Ali.

A:  She works… she tags clothes and makes sure they all get their correct prices and makes sure that they’re good enough to go on the floor.   She looks for things to buy, and she looks for things for her friends…


A:  Yes, she sometimes does that.  And she buys clothes from people.

What are your mom’s favorite things to do?

M:  Listen to music from Justin Bieber.

A:  She listens to Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers and other teenage songwriters.  Also, I don’t know if this is something that she likes to do, but she does it anyway — she yells at our cat.

M:  And she likes watching movies in the night with our dad.

A:  And she loves to work at Mama Goose!

Does she have any other favorite things?

A:  Her favorite color is green…

M:  And her favorite food is donuts!

A:  No it’s not!

M:  Yes, her favorite food is sugar!

A:  She hates sugar!

M:  Yeah, Mom’s going organic…

A:  Yeah, she’s going organic to be healthier.

M:  And she eats lots of meat!

What do you like to do with your mom?  What DON’T you like to do with your mom?


A:  She’s been promising me that we could go get hot chocolate at this place … I don’t know where!  She didn’t tell me that!

M:  I do not do not do not do not ….. well, I like to do everything everything with my mom, so I don’t know.  OH.  I don’t like getting in trouble by my mom.

A:  I don’t like to do food or clothes shopping with her.

What makes your mom a good mom?

M:  She cares about me and Ali.

A:  I think it’s because she tries her hardest to be nice to us even though it sometimes comes out not so nice and she tries her hardest to make sure we have what we need and we want.

What else is she good at?

M:  Making books!

A:  She’s good at sewing costumes for Halloween.  She’s finishing sewing Max’s Jedi costume for his birthday…. He’s having a Jedi Academy party.  There’s going to be light sabers.

M: And on my birthday card, it has a picture of me and Mason getting married and it says “Max and Padme getting married.”  (Note:  Further investigation yielded that Mason is Max’s best friend and Padme is a female character from Star Wars.)

What’s your mom bad at?

M:  She is bad at building stuff.

A:  No she’s not, Max!  She’s not exactly bad at it, but she doesn’t know how she does it before she does it… it doesn’t come naturally to her like it does to my dad.

M:  Hey, Ali, is mom good at music?  She’s not really good at music, but Dad’s worse.

A:  I think he means dancing.

What do you think your dad’s favorite thing is about your mom?

M:  I know what it is!  KISSING.

A:  I don’t know really know, because he doesn’t really express what he likes about her, he just tries his hardest to annoy her.  It’s his life’s biggest goal.

What’s the most special thing about your mom?

M:  Me and Ali get to have time with her at Christmas time — that’s really special.

A:  I guess that she’s a mom!

When you grow up, will you be like your mom?  How?

M:  I want to be nice to animals, like our mom is nice to us, I want to be nice to animals.

A:  He wants to be an animal doctor when he grows up.

M:  Yes, I want to be an interior designer just like she is.

Anything else you want to say about your mom?  How do you feel when you think about your mom?

M:  I feel happy inside.  I FEEL HAPPY INSIDE!

-Meryl at the Goose


6 Responses to “Staff Profile: Elise Haney”

  1. Molly Says:

    That was very cute!

  2. Asha Says:

    That was AWESOME. I think you need to start a new feature- kids talking about their moms. It would be brilliant.

  3. Theresa Says:

    LOVE IT! What a sweet testimony about Elise! I enjoy working with her. She is a genuine person. Now I am dying to see her dance!

  4. Casey Says:

    We love Elise!!! Her energy, smile, laugh, hard-work, friendship and chocolate chip cookies make the Goose a super place to work (and shop!).

  5. Katie Says:

    AWESOME! We love Elise & family. Count us in as part of the fan club!

  6. Trina Says:

    I loved it! I didn’t know you guys had a home building company! I love the things that kids say! I wonder what my kids would have to say about me with those sorts of questions.

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