Look of the “Week”

December 27, 2010

In recent months, for a plethora of reasons, the Look of the Week ceased being an actual weekly feature.  Today, it returns as the Look of the “Week,” in which the word “week” has a more flexible than commonly employed.  I figured that Look of the Week, even if slightly untrue, flows better than Look of Whenever I Can Get It Together and Have a Willing and Available Model.  (LOWICGITAHAWAAM???? That’s extreme, even for me.)

Anyway, back to the triumphant return.  This season of holiday cheer brought me the delightful Angelina, 8-year-old third grader at Ithaca Waldorf School and natural born fashion model, who was kind enough to try on not one, not two, but THREE fabulous looks for your viewing pleasure.

First up, we have an adorable Hanna Andersson dress in a 9/10 (pictured at the top of the post and below, $13.95.)  Layered with blue tights (MP, size 120, $3) and a London Fog wool coat in size 8 ($16.95) and worn with wintry Mary Janes by Arizona (size 3, $5.95), this outfit is a great way to dress up without sacrificing warmth.

Outfit #2 was inspired by those weeks at the Goose when we have mamas and papas running in during lunch breaks, screeching, “I need black pants!  A black skirt!  A white top!  CONCERT!!!!!!!” Now, the lilac cardigan below may not exactly fit in with the dress code, but I still think it’s the perfect ensemble for a budding musician.  Pictured below:  Gap cardigan (size 7/8, $4.95) and Old Navy dress (size 7/8, $7.95).  Tights and shoes are model’s own.

Finally, I just couldn’t resist an Angelina Ballerina reference and the chance to remind everyone that Mama Goose has a great collection of dance wear. Our Angelina dons a leotard by Jacques Moret in size 8/10 (new w/tags, $6.95) and a locally made Roxanne Engstrom ballet skirt (one size, $14.97) with Sam and Libby ballet flats (size 3, $1) and her own tights.

And with that, consider the Look of the Week back in business!  E-mail meryl@mamagooseithaca.com if you know of anyone who’d like to strike a pose for the Goose in our LOTW segment.

-Meryl at the Goose


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