The Winter of My Discontent

December 21, 2010

New York-made Newberry mittens will keep little hands warm all winter long

I’m not one to knock the mental health profession.  My therapist is one of my favorite people in the whole world, and our family is at Family & Children’s Services so frequently that I’ve gone so far as to request a stamp card — 9 therapy sessions and your 10th is free, or something like that.

Still, there’s one particular diagnosis that always brings out the skeptic in me:  Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Now, I hate winter.  I mean, I really, really, really hate winter. When we first moved to Ithaca, I spent our entire first winter passive aggressively reminding my husband that had it been up to me and me alone, we would be living in Los Angeles.  I set his desktop weather program to display the current temperature in LA, and would often greet him in the morning with things liks, “Good morning, dear. It’s 72 degrees in Los Angeles.  That’s 52 more than here, in case it’s too early for you to do math.”

Even in mid-July, the thought of winter makes me shudder.  I enter fall willfully blind, refusing to acknowledge the inevitable, hoping that by some miracle, this time, winter won’t come.  Yet, it always does, and my insides turn as cold and dark as an Ithaca winter’s night.  All winter long, there is gloom, despair and agony on me.  But how can this be a disorder?  How can anyone actually enjoy freezing temperatures for months at at time?   Aren’t they the crazy ones, or is this just my SAD talking?

Legit diagnosis or not, my anti-winter sentiment creeps into my mothering.  I resent having to spend time and money ensuring that my children don’t freeze.  Parenting shouldn’t be harder in New York than it is in Florida, but you can’t tell me that putting a kid on the bus in a windbreaker isn’t significantly less stressful than the daily snowsuitpalooza going on here in upstate New York.  Plus, I cannot keep a pair of mittens or gloves together to save my life.  (I know, sew them/string them/velcro them to the coat, blah blah blah.  It’s too hard!  I’m cold!  And SAD!)

Luckily, Mama Goose is all about the winter accessories, so I can drown my seasonal sorrows in shopping.  Check out our winter wonderland of products below, and let me know if you’ve got any leads on a mama hibernation program.  I’m totally down.


Hats, and gloves, and scarves -- oh my!

We stockpile socks for the winter!

We've got Wigwam wool socks for kids...

and for moms!

Country kids tights work with holiday dresses, or as an extra layer under pants.

Satch and Sol slippers are as cute as they are warm!

Wool mittens --- strings already included!


-Meryl at the Goose


5 Responses to “The Winter of My Discontent”

  1. Asha Says:

    If I weren’t so SAD I would LOVE this.

  2. Sandra Sorensen Says:

    Oh and those wool socks for moms…they work for men and boys as well. Hum, as long as they are smaller than a 9 mens!

    Meryl, Meryl! There are two places where I experience warmth in the winter. The first is in my bed (but only after the first 1/2 hour) and the second is at the Y in the swimming area. I sit there with my fleece and wool socks on and it feels soooo good! Come with me. We’ll be happy together- for a moment!

  3. Asia Says:

    Keeping our upstate-NY kiddos warm may be a chore, but just think– in FL they have fire ants and poisonous snakes, not to mention mosquitoes up the wazoo.

  4. Ava Says:

    As someone who has lived in another state besides central NY, I truly believe in SAD. Without sufficent sunlight, I take a nosedive into a very dark and miserable place every winter. The statistics for Binghamton, NY (which I live 20 miles from) is 9 days of cloudless sky PER YEAR!! That’s awful, in my opinion. I try everything I can to keep from falling into the depths of the awful place I go each winter, but it happens without fail every year. I feel a mental slide into the funk. 😦
    For me, the most frustrating thing is not trying to find warm clothing for my kids, but not finding enough free or reasonably priced activities to keep my boys active in the winter! I don’t want to have to pay memberships to have something to do!

  5. @Asia — you have an excellent point. Also, Sandy kindly pointed out that I could live in Mongolia, where things would be worse.

    @Ava –I have two words for you. Mini trampoline. We just put one in the middle of our playroom for some easy energy exertion that doesn’t require schlepping to the Sciencenter. Plus, it was super reasonably priced at a certain terrible big box store that rhymes with Schmalmart.

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