Things I Bought My Kids That I Love (TIBMKTIL): Underground Collective Hoodie

December 13, 2010

Underground Collective's "Little Lion" Hoodie in size 5/6 ($17.97)

I dress my middle child in essentially the same thing every day:  pants, a t-shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt.  The hoodie is really the essential piece of the outfit, especially given his penchant for wearing the hood itself up, sometimes over his favorite hat.  Usually, my little boy requires the hoodie be of the zip-up variety, but he’s made an exception for this recent Mama Goose purchase.

The Underground Collective is a company founded locally that designs and screen prints organic t-shirts and sweatshirts.   Here at the Goose, we’ve got seven different color/design combinations for sale, ranging from toddler size 2 to youth XL.  These hoodies are so cozy and soft (and reasonably priced at $17.97 each) that the lack of zipper went completely unnoticed.  In fact, the only problem is how often I need to pry it off him to wash while he sleeps.

Cozy on the couch

-Meryl at the Goose


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