Mama Vendor Profile: Kirsten “Mama” Marsh

December 1, 2010

Mama Kirsten Marsh in front of her handmade cloth diapers on display at the Goose. Ever wonder about the real Mama Marsh? Check out the interview below.

Tell me about your family.

I have three children — two daughters, one who is 5 and one who is 1, and
a 3-year-old boy.  We live in Harford,  NY.

When did you become Mama Marsh?

I started in March 2006, right after my oldest was born — I was doing
bedding sets, and a friend suggested I started making cloth diapers, though I
wasn’t personally using them at the time.  My son was 14 months when we
switched over.

What do you sell as Mama Marsh?

I started with custom bedding sets and then expanded to cloth diapers.  I’m
just getting into hair bows and crochet goodies as well.  I sell mainly
online, but also do the occasional craft fair and, of course, my diapers
are at Mama Goose.

How did you create your cloth diaper pattern?

I went through several test rounds on my son to make sure they didn’t leak,
and then I made some adjustments with inserts once my daughter was born,
though the general design remained the same.  Now, I just play around with
fabric patterns and seasonal colors.

How long have you been selling at the Goose?

Since August/September 2008 – one of my sister-in-law’s daycare moms who
shops at Mama Goose suggested I check I it out.  Once we ran out of
hand-me-downs from my nieces, I became a customer as well,
shopping for clothes for my oldest daughter!

Were you working outside the home before being a WAHM* (Work At Home Mom)?

Yes, I was working at SUNY Cortland before daughter was born.

How do you manage your time at home being working/mom?

It’s a lot of juggling — sometimes you have to let things slide.  Some
days you work mostly on work related items and other days you don’t do
anything work related and just concentrate on household chores.  Since my
sewing room is also the play room, when I’m working/sewing, the kids usually
migrate to where I am.

Do the kids know what to touch and what not to?

They have their own craft box, and I’m teaching my oldest how to hand
sew — she has her own scissors and knows how to cut fabric.

What’s the best thing about working from home?

Spending time with my family. Being there for my kids when they are need me,
and getting to spend time with my husband when he is home for meals.

Worst thing?

Not very much adult interaction … just my husband, and he’s at work most of
the time any way.  But, overall, I like what I do.

Any tips for other moms looking to be WAHM moms/start businesses?

It’s important to remember that it takes time – you can’t turn a profit
right away, and whatever your business, it will take more hours than you
think— computer  time, driving, plus time spent planning and figuring out
how to juggle family time.

Are you on Facebook?  Do you Tweet?

I have FB and Twitter, but I don’t use Twitter very often.

Do you have any other links you’d like to share?

I spend a lot of time on Diaper Swappers, and my online store, Mama Marsh Creations , just reopened in time for Black  Friday.

*Blogling note: WAHM is one of those crazy abbreviations that has emerged from the mama blogosphere that, like all internet lingo, struck me as completely bizarre until I suddenly found myself using it one day.   Blasted cyberspeak.  LOL. JK. LOL.  LOTFMAOEKDJFALKSJDJFABCDEFG.


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