Black Friday Blast

November 25, 2010

Get a $25 gift certificate to our West End neighbor, The Jewelbox, when you spend $100 at Mimi's or Mama Goose on Black Friday.

Now that your tummies are filled with turkey and you have nothing to do but laze about, dreamily pondering your Black Friday plans, I thought I’d share some fun facts with you.

Apparently, there are two alternative explanations for the origins of the term Black Friday.  First, in the 1960s, the Philadelphia police department began using the term to refer to this day because the shopping-related traffic was so abysmal.  Around the same time, many retail insiders began to use the term to refer to the day on which all retailers could expect to make a profit, or go “into the black.”

Frankly, I find both explanations rather dull, though my research also turned up a little tidbit about a couple of years during FDR’s presidency during which Thanksgiving was celebrated on different days in different states.  That’s sort of fun, and made the five minutes I spent researching on Wikipedia seem worth it.  Plus, I love me some FDR.

Trivia aside, here are some fun facts about Goose-related Black Friday events.

Mama Goose and Mimi’s Attic, in addition to serving cider and cookies all day, are also offering a special West End promotion.  Spend $100 at either store, and receive a $25 gift certificate to The Jewelbox.  That’s right — you can stock up on clothes for the kids or things for the house and then go down the street to buy yourself something shiny.  Sounds festive to me!  We’re also doing double stamps at the Goose.

Some of our favorite mamas are up to exciting things as well:

Mama Diana is doing a fundraiser at the SPCA Annex at the Shops at Ithaca Mall.  Read more about it here, and stop by between 10am and 4pm.

If venturing out into the world in the midst of this shopping bonanza is too scary, you can stay safely in cyberspace and visit mama vendor Mama Marsh’s newly reopened online store. She’s expanding beyond the great cloth diapers we sell at the Goose to include crocheted items and hair bows.

How ever you choose to mark the occasion, we at the Goose wish you a very merry beginning of the holiday shopping season, and look forward to seeing you soon!

-Meryl at the Goose


One Response to “Black Friday Blast”

  1. Diana Says:

    Meryl, thanks so much for mentioning our project! The link didn’t work for me, but can also be found here:

    Have a wonderful weekend all!


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