Talk to Me about Thanksgiving

November 23, 2010

Smoked turkey a la Sorensen, circa 2009

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we want to know how you celebrate.  Have you been cooking for days, or does your prep work begin Thursday morning?  Is your dinner at noon, at 6:00 pm, or sometime in between?  Where do you stand on such important issues as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, stuffing inside or outside the turkey, and the appropriate number of pie choices?  Come on, let’s talk turkey!  (I’m sorry, I had to do it — the holidays make me cheesy.)



3 Responses to “Talk to Me about Thanksgiving”

  1. shanna Says:

    Our whole family heads to a barn turned cabin behind a dairy farm in PA. there is no running water. We spend a lot of time talking, singing, laughing , and reminiscing together. no cell phone service. The kids take nighttime walks to howl at the moon. My husband keeps the woodstove going (of course this means we are all sweating). After thanksgiving dinner we hike up the hill to visit the cows.
    it is a great tradition. My husband did it when he was a kid and now my kids are experiencing it. They can barely sleep tonight because to them it is better than christmas. We call the place Glory Barn. noone is really sure why but it pretty much sums up how we all feel about it!

  2. Margie Says:

    There is nothing more gratifying than having my children and grandchildren with us. I don’t care where or for how long. It is a moment that I treasure and for which I am thankful whenever it happens.

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