Happy National Adoption Day

November 21, 2010

Yesterday was National Adoption Day, an annual event that began in 2000 and is designed to raise awareness of the 114,000 children currently in the foster care system waiting to be adopted.  Each year on this day, thousands 0f adoptions are finalized across the country and families everywhere celebrate the magical combination of joy and relief that comes with permanency.  Tompkins County held its own festivities on Friday, and our county gained ten new forever families.

Many of you know that I am a foster and adoptive mom.  Corrina, our littlest, came home with us when she was days old, and was adopted two days before her first birthday.  Her two fosters brothers are 4 and 17.  Both have been with us for over a year, and we just found out that our 4-year-old will be with us forever.

These three kids are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and they are worth every bit of red tape-bound bureaucratic bit of nonsense the foster care system can throw at us, but being a foster parent brought something else as well … a community of people I hold so dear that I don’t even know how to describe them.  We’re more than friends; we’re like combat veterans from the same war, brought together by shared experience, held together with love.  We’re a family of families.

On Friday afternoon, we attended the National Adoption Day event to cheer on one of these families.  The legal finalization of an adoption is a proceeding that runs under five minutes (you can watch Corrina’s at the bottom of the post) but the brevity doesn’t matter.  Sitting in a courtroom, a place usually reserved for people and families in the midst of falling apart, and watching a family being built is a wonderful, beautiful thing.  Plus, there was cake.  Everyone loves cake.

Below are some of my favorite children and families on their Adoption Days.  If you have any photos of adopted kids you love to send in, please do — we’ll add them to our Mama Goose Flickr page.

-Meryl at the Goose


10 Responses to “Happy National Adoption Day”

  1. Yael Says:

    made me cry, in a good way. A family of families, sounds like a gift.

  2. Asha Says:

    You rock my world, Mama. Thank you for this.

  3. Pentimento Says:

    This is beautiful! Thanks for posting!

  4. Naomi Says:

    This month is our one-year “famiversary” with Yordana, our youngest daughter, adopted from Ethiopia.

  5. Frankie Says:

    Loved seeing the video of Corinna’s adoption! I cherish the day I was there in that courtroom with that judge for Cristian and Kasieum’s Happy Adoption Day! They loved banging the gavel!

  6. Diana Says:

    So lovely, thank you!

  7. Happy famiversary, Naomi & Yordana & family!

  8. eggsonsunday Says:

    What a beautiful post, and the video made me tear up – such a joyful event! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kristina Says:

    Wow. That totally made me cry like a baby! I wasn’t expecting that reaction…. SO happy to hear that Ray is forever yours!! I have seen how he lays his head on your shoulder and how that image is like two pieces of a puzzle fitting together in me. Love you and your beautifulogical family Meryl. You are an inspiration of love, determination, kindness, and generosity!


  10. You all are so wonderful and supportive! Thank you!

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