Re-entry, Part 2: Goings-On at the Goose

November 13, 2010

I spent this afternoon working the floor at the Goose for the first time since summer, ostensibly to cover for gosling Hilary, who needed a last-minute replacement, but I actually had a secondary motive.  I wanted to spend some quality time at the Goose uncovering everything I’ve missed over the past couple months.  Here’s what I dug up,  from the minute to the momentous:

1)  See above: Charlie’s Soap no longer comes in bags!  Maybe this doesn’t seem like that big a deal, but I’m a girl who is very into packaging, and a change of this magnitude seems earth-shattering.

2)  New buying guidelines!  Now, we’re looking at the best-of-all-seasons in sizes 2 and up, instead of sizes 5 and up.  As the mom of a 2 and 4 year old with a serious shortage of storage space, I’m pumped.

3) New goslings!   That’s right — over the past couple months, we’ve added three more goslings to the flock — Casey Lees (back  for her second Goose  run!),  Meghan Mapes (sister of Gwynne!),  and Grace Ritter (brand-new to the Goose, no sisters on staff, as far as I know.)   Stay tuned for a chance to get to know these girls better — profiles are forthcoming.

4)  Other than that, things are generally the same — time away from the Goose is like never, and like always.  (Bet Pablo Neruda loves being plagiarized in the blogosphere.)  Lots of little things change at the Goose, and even some big things, and yet it’s still the same great place — the customers are wonderful, the co-workers are delightful, and the clothes are the best deals around.  (Speaking of clothes, get excited about my upcoming blog feature, Things I’ve Bought My Kids That I Love, inspired by The Office writer/actress Mindy Kaling’s blog that I used to love that she apparently no longer writes, because she’s too busy winning Emmys or something.)

Have I mentioned it’s good to be back?

-Meryl at the Goose


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