Coat Sale 2010: The Revelations

September 27, 2010

You know how every so often you hear from someone you know about an eye-opening life experience that, in one fell swoop, revealed all that is true about that person and her life?  You know, like, “When I was 18 I spent the summer in Belgium and it was there amidst centuries-old ruins that I found myself” or the night Clarence spends with George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life?

For Mama Goose, that epiphanic event is our yearly Coat Sale, an event during which goslings and customers band together to prepare the children of the Finger Lakes region for winter, saving gobs of money and having oodles of fun in the process.  This year’s Coat Sale revealed (or reiterated) the following truths:

1) Mama Goose customers are inherently good.

One woman, having clearly failed to budget her Coat Sale time appropriately, found herself in line and panicked, realizing that she would never get to the register in time to make it to the wedding she was scheduled to attend in 30 minutes.  The customers in front of her graciously stepped aside, allowing her to check out and fly off to the special occasion.  With all that Goose goodwill behind their special day, we’re sure that newly-married couple has a magical life ahead of them.

2)  The Goose is a well-oiled machine, even when some parts of that machine malfunction.

This was our 5th Annual Coat Sale (and yes, a very happy wood anniversary to us.)  After five years, we’ve got things working pretty smoothly — not smoothly in the sense that things never go wrong, but in the sense that when things do go horribly wrong, we adapt.  For example, when I arrived yesterday around 5pm to take “after” pictures to supplement the photos I took in the morning, I was sorely disappointed.  Where was the disarray?  The chaos?  Larkin spotted me and said, “Oh, you’re too late — you missed the disaster.  We were on top of that.”

That’s the thing … the Goose is on top of it all.  Already, we’ve got plans in place for next year to correct for things that went awry this time around.  For example, with a longer opening line and easier access to the coats with the opening of our parking lot, we wound up with a bit of a mosh pit waiting to pay.  So, next year’s Coat Sale will feature … wait for it…. a THIRD REGISTER IN THE PARKING LOT.  You’re tempted to start lining up right now, aren’t you?

3)  Mama Goose Goslings are indeed freakishly attractive, no matter what you do to them.

Just as I was expecting to see the store torn apart on my afternoon visit to the Coat Sale, so was I expecting to see goslings battered and bruised, hair out of place and clothing unkempt and yet again, I was wrong.  As you can see from the pictures below, nothing phases a gosling, not even hundreds of coats and snowsuits and snow boots and customers, and then end of the day crew looked just as sunny and cheerful as the early morning one.  We must put something in the water.

With that, I leave you to the pictorial below, Coat Sale 2010:  If You Missed It, You Must Be Kicking Yourself.  See you next year!

-Meryl at the Goose

The pre-opening line stretched all the way from the State Street parking lot around the corner onto Corn Street.

The line leaders waited cheerfully for the sale to open, having arrived at 9:00 am to secure their spots.

Poor coats, blissfully unaware of the amount of frantic pawing awaiting them.

Alita prepares the Wheel of Savings.

Larkin awaits the cash and store credit only crowd.

Sandy and Julie on register: BRING IT ON.

9:59 am .... here we go!

At last, the line moves...

and a new line forms.

Joanna Cornell of Locke made it to the register first. Mad props, Joanna.

Mamas like Asha look for practical things like mittens and gloves.

Kids know that costumes are the real highlight of the Coat Sale. This one even came with a watch -- SCORE!

A little bumblee ponders whether her parents will let her wear this costume instead of a winter coat.

Somehow, six o'clock came.

End-of-day register goslings Erianna and Violet looking inexplicably cheery.

Louise disassembles the racks, because even the best of days must end.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," Kelly quipped as closing time came.

Even if you didn't make it into the Goose yesterday, never fear. Just check out Megan above, hauling one of many loads of cute stuff that will be out on the floor starting Monday. Next year, though, you better get in here --- there's always room for one more at the Coat Sale.


One Response to “Coat Sale 2010: The Revelations”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    3 lines will be great! Also, any sort of in-line entertainment for the kids would be soooo appreciated! I was the woman with the cranky almost-2 year old on my back in the ergo… i’m sure you saw her yelling, pulling my hair and hitting me on the head as she expressed her frustration with waiting in line for 35 minutes! That was the ‘fast’ cash line too…

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