Labor Day

September 7, 2010

"Yeah, ma, no worries --- I'm totally on top of this for you. You don't need to go to work after all."

Labor Day used to strike me as an odd concept — as a child, I was incredibly literal, and it always seemed backwards that most workplaces would be closed on a holiday named after work.  I’ve wrapped my head around that now, but revisiting that confusion got me thinking about labor & motherhood … the job from which there are NEVER ANY DAYS OFF.

Even the word labor is inextricably linked to motherhood … for most women (myself excluded), motherhood begins with labor — the tremendous work of bringing another person into the world.  From then on, it’s one unending labor of love.

Despite the 24/7 nature of mamadom, many of us work additional jobs, for a variety of reasons — financial necessity, personal fulfillment, societal pressure, all or none of the above.  Whatever the reason, the whole working mom deal is a balancing act and for me, at least, a struggle.  There’s nothing quite so demoralizing as leaving your children at home wailing, “NO! MEETINGS TAKE TOO LONG!” only to arrive at said meeting and discover a toddler-sized hand print somewhere on your business attire.  That said, I was also unemployed for six months, at home with my children full-time, and I seem to recall drooling at the idea of leaving the house to sit in a conference room with other grown-ups to discuss something you couldn’t cover on this morning’s Sesame Street.

My point is, when it comes to me and work and motherhood, I’m worried I may have a grass-is-always-greener complex, coupled with a completely distorted view of  what work/life reality is for other moms.  You can help me with that second part, with this handy-dandy poll:

Thanks for sharing, and a very happy Federal Holiday to you!

-Meryl at the Goose


3 Responses to “Labor Day”

  1. Sandra Sorensen Says:

    Nice Meryl! For me my part-time job at the Goose is a vacation from my full-time job at home with the kids. It is very validating to know that you can still strike up a conversation with adults and have it go well! It is also nice to accomplish a task, any task, in the amount of time that task should actually take to complete.

  2. Helen Says:

    Always a treat to read your blog. Thanks, Meryl.

  3. barb mohr Says:

    Meryl, you are a fantastic writer! I love reading your blogs. The thing about working, not working, staying at home;there is nothing better than the job of being a mom. In my opinion its the most blessed you can be. Thanks for you thoughts. Love you.

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