Mother Hubbard’s Useless Cupboard

September 2, 2010

Let’s do a little visualizing. You and your family are driving in from a fabulous (or maybe not so fabulous) vacation. You know that you should feel refreshed, but instead you feel fried. For a week now, you’ve performed all of your mama-magic in much the same way you do at home, but with the added responsibility of more bags. You’ve also been expected to make non-perishable snacks and pain reliever materialize anywhere, anytime, upon request.

As your kids ask for one more piece of gum to get them through the last miles of your journey, your mind turns to dinner. You could stop at a restaurant and arrive home with nothing but bed in front of you, but you are tired of spending money. Besides, your kids have been turning their noses up at everything except carbohydrates for the entire vacation. They ate hamburger buns and ketchup at your relative’s house, macaroni and cheese at restaurants (only when it was “the Kraft kind”) and saltines for “good night snack” in the hotel room. Yes, you allowed them to eat crackers in bed, just like the country song …

So, it’s settled. You’re going to make some kind of dinner when you get home that will fulfill that annoying compulsion to feed fiber and vitamins to your loved ones. Of course, your refrigerator is bare at home, so what do you do?

Here’s what Mother Hubbard would do — she’d pull into Greenstar Coop and purchase:

Frozen pumpkin ravioli and frozen edamame – a BOILABLE meal! Add a jar of spaghetti sauce and you’re all set. No, this is not a low-carb meal, but the journey back to real food might have to be like the journey home … long and peppered with lots of treats.

So, tell us what you serve your family when you’ve had a long day and your cupboards are bare. We’d love to hear it!

-Kelly at the Goose


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