The Inquisition

August 21, 2010

Kasieum pondering the mysteries of life while feeding 3-week-old Corrina

I thought we had a “why” problem at my house, until I read a recent Facebook post from my friend Keli.  (That’s right.  I’m getting blogging inspiration from Facebook now.  I might as well completely ditch the real world and move to cyberspace once and for all.)  Anyway, the series of “why” questions that pop up in my house are nothing compared to a recent car ride with Keli’s middle child who, in the span of the 18 minute trip from Ithaca to Trumansburg, asked:

How many buildings are there in Ithaca?

Why do teenagers choose not to wear helmets when they are biking or skateboarding?

What are bugs made of?

Can eagles fly higher than the clouds?

Can butterflies fly higher than the clouds?

How do they fly?

What are their wings made out of?

How much do helicopters cost?

Can we fly in a helicopter?

Why do some people smoke?

Why are there cigarettes all over this world?

Why do some people think selling cigarettes is a good idea?

Do people live in New York City?

Who does?

Why does Imani live in NYC?

Why does Imani want to be a doctor?

What are you writing?

How was the world formed?

What will happen to us when the sun explodes?  (Note:  This question comes up in Keli’s house at least once a week.)

Why do ninjas wear black?

Why are there marks on the road?

Why do people run over the animals on the road?

Where were the dinosaurs when the earth was being formed?

Who was the first person?

Why did people make a bike fence?

Why did they think it would be good to make a fence with rusty old bikes?

What can we do that is fun when we pick up Cristian?

What does my birth dad look like?

Why is that wooden?

Why did they make a restaurant?

Where do they have Thai food?

When can we go to Thailand?

Why is Thailand near China?

Why does that ball thing not work?

Did someone break it?

Why did they make it and then turn it off?

Why do some people have more money than us?

Why are you a social worker?

What is a social worker?

Can a drill break through rock?


How long would it take me to drill through the road?

How long will it take me to drill through the sidewalk?

How long would it take to drill through a fish?

Is my fish still there under the dirt?

Can I get it when I get home?

Why would it smell?

One day can I join a remote control airplane club?

Why are there rocks there?

Why do they let this town look messy?

Why is Darth Vader mean?

One day can I sell all my toys for money?

Can we ride a helicopter over Niagara Falls?

If anybody has the answers, I’m sure Keli would appreciate some help.  I, for my part, have started responding to all why questions with, “Well, why do you think?”  which works, since it just confirms my kids’ suspicions that I, in fact, know nothing at all.

-Meryl at the Goose


4 Responses to “The Inquisition”

  1. Helen Says:

    You are super funny and smart! I love you, Meryl! This picture is so freaking beautiful, I can hardly stand it! You go, mama!

  2. keli Says:

    My favorite is ”How long does it take to drill through a fish…” ew.

  3. margie Says:

    Why do we drive on the parkway and park on the driveway? – George Carlin

  4. Asha Says:

    Don’t worry, I usually devolve to “Because I said so!” which proves that I not only don’t know anything, but also that I’m habitually cranky.

    What I love about this is that, based on the questions, I can totally imagine the route you were driving. It’s a small world we live in…

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