Look of the Week: From the Bargain Bins

August 16, 2010

I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I’ve got a bit of Mama Goose snobbery in me.  I almost never shop the bargain bins.  I don’t know why — I LOVE a bargain.  I totally have Jewish grandma disease:  I can’t accept a compliment on something I’m wearing without stage whispering, “I got it 40% off!” (My own Jewish grandma has been known to put the receipt from a particularly good deal on her refrigerator so that she can show it to visitors.)   The bargain bins, however, have just never appealed to me.  Maybe it’s because everything at the Goose is already a bargain?  Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to bend down?

Whatever it is, I’ve got to get over it.  Check out the above-pictured outfits, all sourced completely from the bargain bins.    We’ve got a size 4 Old Navy top for $2.00 with brand new H & M capris in size 3/4 for $3.00. That’s a $5.00 outfit!  Next is a 50 cent Sonoma polo in size 2 and size 24 month $1.00 shorts.  $1.50 total!!!  The last outfit is a 50 cent Circo tank with $1.00 Gymboree shorts (both in size 4).  That’s another $1.50 outfit, and it’s not like it’s totally out of season.  It was 89 degrees today.  Plus, there are all sorts of other adorable things in the bins right now — cute gingham Gymboree pants for $2, a brand new Children’s Place bathing suit for $1, vintage wash Abercrombie shorts…

This is all to say that unless you’re spending your day tomorrow curing cancer or brokering a peace deal for the Middle East, you should probably stop by the Goose and check out the bargain bins.  It’s that important.  Tomorrow only, you can fill a plastic bag with clearance items, like the adorable ones pictured above, and get the whole bag for $5.  That’s worth putting the receipt on the fridge.

-Meryl at the Goose


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