The SUPERFAN Contest: An Update

August 4, 2010

Over a month ago, we announced our SUPERFAN Contest on Facebook to try and reach some nice, big round numbers on that all-important social media website.  Our goal is to reach 1000 “likes” for Mama Goose and 500 for Mimi’s Attic, and we’re getting pretty close, at least on the Goose side… as of this writing, we’re only 33 “likes” away from the big 1-0-0-0 on the Mama Goose FB page, and we’ve got a clear front-runner for the winner.

Mama Marsh Creations, aka Kristen Marsh, has been racking up SUPERFAN points by commenting on/liking FB posts and referring her friends to our pages.  If she keeps up the pace, she’s on her way to a $25 Mama Goose gift certificate.

However, there are still some contenders nipping at her heels who could surge ahead at any moment.  Laura Love and Asia Bonacci may not have as may referrals under their surely-adorable belts, but they rack up points by commenting on blog posts in addition to FB updates.  Either one could overtake Mama Marsh in an upset at any time.

Plus, with 33 likes to go, there’s still room for a dark horse … I’m talking to you, closeted Mama Goose lover who wants to devote the next 48 hours to doing nothing but engaging in online Mama Goose-related pursuits… Tweeting, FBing, blogging … those are all ways to rack up the SUPERFAN points.

Plus, once we get to 1000 on the MG page, there’s still the matter of building the love for Mimi’s.  We’re thinking there could be some additional rewards on the way to meeting that goal, so get out there, SUPERFANS.  Share the love, earn some prizes.  Fun for all!

-Meryl at the Goose


3 Responses to “The SUPERFAN Contest: An Update”

  1. asiajane Says:

    Man, I think I have another thing to add to my to-do list today!!

  2. Kriss Eckenrode Says:

    me too! 🙂

  3. Alright, Asia & Kriss. Good effort … but remember, you’ve got to do some FB recruiting too — get your friends to tell us you sent them on our FB wall. We’re at 972… 28 to go!

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