Look of the Week: August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

One of my favorite things about working at the Goose is that once per shift, about, some gosling or another will hold up an item with which she is dealing and say something to the effect of, “What in tarnation is this?  Who would put this on a kid?”  and the other gosling will agree, or half-heartedly defend the item, or, in the case of me, full-throatedly defend the piece and then end up buying it, because I have an irrational love of all things oddball.  Another great thing about this exchange is that I can do it all on my own, which happened with a piece featured in this Look of the Week:

This is Kaylee.  She’s so cute you can barely stand it, right?  Like, your eyes are welling up with tears of perceived cuteness?  That’s what happened to me.  But, see that vest she’s wearing?  I was totally mocking that vest until I decided it was the cutest thing ever, and now I think it totally works with this outfit. 

Kaylee thinks so too.  In fact, she’s shocked and appalled that I didn’t realize the cuteness potential of the vest (Old Navy, 6-12 months, $3.25)  in the first place.  Layered over an adorable marigold Gap dress (6-12 months, w/ bloomers, only $4.95!) and worn with Children’s Place sandals in size 6-9 months ($1.95), this vest will be the envy of almost-8-month-olds across the internet.

Still not convinced?  Check out the full-length shot of the outfit: 


I know some of you out there are right now considering having another baby, just to be able to dress her in this look.  Don’t feel bad.  The vest really is that cute. 

-Meryl at the Goose


2 Responses to “Look of the Week: August 2, 2010”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    It’s very cute and so is the baby, but my just 8 month old would have chewed that vest to a slobbery mess and the sandals would have been long gone before you could have run for the camera. 🙂

  2. Kriss Eckenrode Says:

    Kaylee is adorable!! And yes, she does make me consider baby #2! 🙂

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