Art in the Woods: A Mama Goose Exhibit

August 1, 2010

A sample of the beautiful artwork currently on display at the Goose

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hostessing an art exhibit for members of the Northern Lights Learning Center, a homeschooling resource cooperative serving Tompkins County.  This past spring, one of the cooperative member parents taught a class in which she and some young artists wandered through our local wooded areas, building natural artscapes among the various natural resources they found there.  She documented the projects with a camera, and the resulting photographs are now on display at the Goose.

The young artists and their families and friends officially celebrated the exhibit with an opening reception, complete with ribbon cutting ceremony.

Not all of the young artists were able to attend, but those who did showed off their cooperative learning skills by sharing the ribbon cutting duties

One of the young artists gleefully points out his pieces on display

A young patron of the arts ponders the meaning of the work

For these little artists, in the Goose for now, but the Guggenheim, someday

If you haven’t seen it yet, come check out the beautiful artwork displayed in the Mama Goose exhibit space (aka our back hallway.)  If you know some little artists who would like to be slated for an exhibit, stop by or call Larkin or Kelly.  We’re always looking for new talent!

-Meryl at the Goose


One Response to “Art in the Woods: A Mama Goose Exhibit”

  1. Kriss Eckenrode Says:

    Bella and I looked through these yesterday, very beautiful and inspiring. I went home and played with Cape Cod rocks that I’ve collected over the years!

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