July 18, 2010

Corrina is no stranger to supporting political candidates with her sartorial choices. (We had her in a "babies for Obama" onesie for much of 2008.) Too bad she's still 16 years away from being able to vote.

If any of you are regular Mama Goose weekday morning visitors, you may have noticed the absence of a certain blogling on the floor.   If you’ve managed to pick yourself up off the floor after crying your eyes out in despair, you may have started to wonder about my absence.  Alternatively, and more likely, you have absolutely no idea about my floor shift schedule and so the following explanation is completely gratuitous.

Like many of the goslings, I have a dark educational secret in my past.  Sandy is actually an engineer, Larkin is a social worker, and I… well, I, sort of, kinda… am a lawyer.

I’m a lawyer in the sense that I went to law school, graduated, remembered that I don’t actually want to be a lawyer and that I all I really want to do is save the world, and then decided not to take the bar and prioritize my kids for a while instead.  That led me to loitering at Mama Goose until they eventually put me on the payroll, where I was perfectly content until a few weeks ago, when an amazing law-degree-utilizing opportunity sort of fell in my lap.

Pam Mackesey is a Tompkins County legislator running for New York State Senate in the 53rd District (that’s Steuben, Chemung, Yates, Schuyler, and part of Tompkins County), and she recently hired me to be her campaign manager.  Even though it may seem like a strange departure from the Goose, there are a lot more commonalities that one would think.  Pam is right up the Goose’s alley … she’s a mama herself, and a grandmama too, and she’s committed to strengthening our community through local business and environmentally responsible practices.  See?  Super Goosey!

Plus, and this is to me both remarkable and ridiculous, Pam is the first woman ever to run for this seat.  That’s right — not only would she be the first woman to represent the 53rd district in the state senate, she’s the first woman ever to try.  The New York State Senate is currently made up of only 16% women which, as a young woman who has come to expect more out of gender equality in this day and age, I find both shocking and absurd.  This is one of the aspects of Pam’s candidacy that I find the most exciting and motivating, and overlaps so nicely with my Mama Goose life.

When I started working on the blog, I thought of it as something completely distinct from my potential future career — a side gig to keep myself from going crazy with a life consumed by motherhood and, in a way, it was.  In another way, though, writing the blog has made me realize that there is no way to distinguish myself as a mother from myself as a person — or as a lawyer, or as a professional, or whatever.  For me, motherhood is political, and politics can be about nurturing — about supporting a candidate whose own experience as a mother helps make her the kind of representative I want in my government.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given so many opportunities in which I can act on my values and experience to try and better my community.  As I go forward working with Pam’s campaign, I’ll still be here on the blog, updating you about the recent high jinks of my family and the goings-on at the Goose, and I’ll still make the occasional appearance on the floor — you won’t have to miss me at all.  I just like to keep you all in the loop.

-Meryl at the Goose

If you’d like to learn more about Pam and her campaign, you can visit her online at or on Facebook at


4 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes”

  1. asiajane Says:

    Very exciting for you (and Pam!). Good luck!

  2. Laura Says:

    Congratulations on your new job and good luck with the campaign! I really enjoyed this post. You’ll do an excellent job.

  3. Kriss Eckenrode Says:

    Awesome! I try to have an “electronic free” vacation and I miss everything (and I might finally have my post to talk to you about)!
    Congratulations to you!!!

  4. Kriss Eckenrode Says:

    P.S. Corrina looks adorable!

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