Look of the Week: July 5th, 2010

July 5, 2010

In honor of today being the Fake Federal Fourth of July, Iembarked on a quest to prove that it is indeed possible to wear your patriotism without looking hokey.  Best friends Drew and Ella, children of goslings Gina and Julie, were kind enough to help me out.

Drew is wearing Chaps pants with an adjustable waist in size 7 ($3.95) and a size 6 Cherokee t-shirt ($1.95.)  Ella is wearing an American Eagle tank top in a 9/10 ($3.59), a skirt by TKS in size 6 ($3.50), size 7 Hanes capri leggings ($2.25), and size 12 shoes by A Wish Come True ($2.95.)

Can’t get enough of these all-American kids in their all-American colors?  Check out some more pictures below, and stop by the Goose whenever you’re ready to put your spin on red, white, and blue.  There are at least four more federal holidays to go.

Yes, that scooter is currently for sale at the Goose

-Meryl at the Goose


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