The Goose Gives Back

June 26, 2010

Babywearing is an international phenomenon.

It seems to me, though some of you better balanced people out there may not have this problem, that one of the dangers of motherhood is how small it makes your world.  The smallness isn’t always bad — I often consider how wonderful it is that all the people I love the most live under the same roof and, as much as I complain about dealing with all of their agita on a daily basis, having them within arm’s reach is what makes me feel whole.  The downside, though, is that sometimes it takes me a little too long to realize that the Gulf Coast is suffering yet again, or to notice that our state government can’t get its act together.    I’m too caught up in whether the baby’s fever has gone down, whether the middle one needs another change of clothes in his cubby, and whether the oldest is currently a full-blow teenaged emotional monstrosity or just moderately angsty.

This extreme self-involvement has also damaged my ability to keep things in perspective.  When I can see the big picture, I can remember that my small world here is a golden one.  We have shelter, and food, and clothing.  My children have schools and access to health care.  My life is a privilege, and even having the chance to forget that is a luxury.

Living in Ithaca has not done much to break me out of my mom bubble.  You’ve seen the slogan — 10 square miles surrounded by reality?  It’s not untrue, but it’s also not ideal.  The bridge between local and global is essential, and remaining mindful of our place in the world community is part of being a responsible citizen.

Educate the Children, International is a non-profit organization that perfectly balances worlds small and big.  With an office located here in Ithaca and another in Kathmandu, ETC betters the lives of women and children on a worldwide scale, and we here at the Goose would like to help them out a bit.

For the month of July, if you spend $100 on diapers or buy an Ergo, we’ll donate 10% of your total purchase to Educate the Children.  You can help us all keep things in perspective.

ETC helps rural Nepalese children, especially girls, obtain educations through direct scholarshpi programs as well as aid to teachers, schools, and other local programs.

-The Geese at the Goose


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