Sharing Space: A Playplace for Grown-ups and Kids Alike

June 23, 2010

Kelly Moreland, owner of Mama Goose and Mimi’s Attic, and her family are close in lots of different ways, including physically — the family domicile is on the smallish side, and Kelly, David, Olivia and Geneva live in tight quarters.  (Their half of the duplex is about 1000 square feet.)  For the Morelands, though, physical proximity makes the heart grow fonder, and fond hearts make for creative and cozy use of space.

We believe that every home has at least one remarkable thing, and the Morelands’ Fall Creek residence is no exception.  They have a back yard barn which, after a bit of work to make to make it structurally sound, is now a place where treasures and good times are collected.

Kelly has worked hard to make the barn a place where everyone in the family can go to relax.  The girls and their friends can put on a play, parents can take a post-bedtime break, and everyone can come together to enjoy each other’s company.  Take a look:

Recognize that sign, anyone? It's one of the many Mama Goose things that has been stored in the barn over the years.

An antique trunk filled with dress-up clothes

Twinkly lights and Santa's sleigh light the barn all year round

The barn even has auditorium seats that complete the playhouse feel. Kelly's came from Significant Elements, but there's another set currently available at Mimi's (looks like they came from the same auditorium originally)! You too could have your own home theatre.

These could be yours for$75.

Inspired yet?  The auditorium seats mentioned above are just the tip of the Mimi’s iceberg.  The store is teeming with things that could help you help your home help your family come together.  Stop in and see.

-Meryl for Mimi’s


One Response to “Sharing Space: A Playplace for Grown-ups and Kids Alike”

  1. sueinithaca Says:

    If anyone at the store asks, I think those came from Bailey Hall during the most recent renovation in 2003/2004. I was working at Significant ELements when they first came in – Alumni were snapping them up as memorabilia – some people were even finding their favorite row/seat number from classes back in the day. It was cute.

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