June 11, 2010

So, I usually try to deliver these blog posts to y’all on a fairly regular schedule … three times weekly, fairly evenly spaced.  Lately, though, as you may have noticed, I’ve been struggling.  Here’s why:


If you can’t tell from the pictures, my laptop is literally falling apart at the seams.  Those pictures were taken a couple of days ago, and it looks even worse now.  This just isn’t the kind of family in which broken things get fixed right away, especially since there are usually several broken things going on at once.  This week, for example, we have: 


That cereal bowl has been sitting, broken, in the same spot for three days.  The thing that kills me is that whoever broke it, instead of throwing in the garbage, painstakingly piled the pieces up and PUT THE SPOON BACK ON TOP OF IT.  As though someone else may come along and say, “Hey, I’d love to have  some cereal in this totally broken bowl.  Thank goodness there’s a spoon right here.”  (By the way, I’m blaming this particular incident on the teenager, though if you wanted to place a bet on my husband as the culprit, I wouldn’t laugh in your face.)

Also, this happened: 


In case you’re having trouble orienting yourself with that image, those are indeed staples in the back of my daughter’s head.  My little walking calamity, as one of her teachers recently called her, managed to procure a nice gash from one of her frequent falls.  Amazingly, she was up and walking around minutes after the fall in question, and it was only when I took stock of just how much blood was flying all over did it occur to me that we might need some serious medical intervention.  (Fun fact:  It turns out that the Punkinbutt bamboo washcloths we sell at the Goose are excellent for absorbing blood.) 

Still, being in the company of so many other broken things is only a small part of why the laptop hasn’t been sent away for fixing yet.  The real issue is that I can barely stand the thought of being without my computer.  What if something happens?  What if I need it?  What if it misses me?  Isn’t it better to just type away really really slowly, since one of my hands is busy holding the screen ad keyboard together? 

I’m ashamed of my modern technology codependency, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one afflicted.  Reassure me in the poll below. 

-Meryl at the Goose


4 Responses to “Broken”

  1. Laura Love Says:

    Duct tape. Okay, so the bowl is a total loss and your daughter’s head really won’t like having duct tape on it, but it will work on the laptop! It even comes in groovy new colors (including tie-dye).

  2. Laura! I had no idea about the tie-dye duct tape. I’m very familiar with the solid colors (in fact, we redid our entire coffee table using colored duct tape) but I’ve really got to get on the tie-dye bandwagon.

    The pathetic thing I neglected to mention about my refusal to part with the laptop is that we can have it fixed for free … we have the supermegaawesome warranty, because I myself am a bit of a walking calamity (the adopted apple does not fall from the tree in that regard), and so we anticipate the breaking of things… but with tie-dye duct tape, I won’t have to part with my mechanical baby!

  3. Morgan Says:

    They do indeed make cool duck tape. I recently saw zebra striped duck tape at Michaels. Just cover the whole laptop so it just looks like it is supposed to be that way. lol. And I would totally tape the bowl back together and put it back in the cupboard and wait for someone else to complain, then you are sure to find the culprit!!

  4. Kelly Says:

    So it’s not me! I feel like the world has been off it’s axis (I have no idea what I mean by that). Everything that can get lost, has been lost. (I found our company credit card in an envelope in the kids’ art basket). There was even a weird, fragmented rainbow in the sky yesterday.

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