Look of the Week: What are We Still Doing Here, Shoes Edition

May 24, 2010

My wee one is very into shoes.  “Shoe” was one of her very first words, and one she continues to say frequently, sometimes for no apparent reason.  At Mama Goose, her favorite game is to pick up all of the boxes of Robeez and scatter them throughout the store, giggling her demon giggle and glancing furtively at myself and the other goslings while sneaking in and out of racks.  Girl seriously loves her shoes, as do I.

This is why it pains me to have so many adorable pairs of shoes sit around at the Goose week after week, pining for the pint size feet that will eventually wear them.  This week, I just couldn’t stand it any longer.  I had to share the shoes, and my pain, with you.


Starting from the top and moving clockwise, here are the brands, sizes, and prices of the shoes pictured above.

Teva (size 12), $8.95

Nike (size 4), $7.95

Teva (size 5), $9.95

Adidas (size 2), $5.95

See Kai Run (size 3), $13.95

Baby Gap  (size 4), $5.95

See Kai Run (size 4), $13.95

Converse All Stars (size 5), $8.95 (brand new! with tags!)

Gap (size 7), $5.95

Kid Connection (size 7), $2.95

Salt Water (size 10), $7.95

Kid Connection (size 8), $4.50

Gap (size 12), $5.95

See?  It’s an unbearable amount of footwear cuteness.  (Sidenote:  does anyone know a word that would be defined “of or pertaining to shoes”?  It would have come in handy for this post.) 

And, for those sneakerholics out there who want your kids to have fly kicks but need to save money for your own shoe collection, check out the Jordans we’ve got right now: 

Pictured above from left to right: Air Jordans in size 7 ($8.95), size 5.5 ($5.95), and size 5 ($2.95)

Our used shoe collection includes sizes 1-3 (babies), sizes 4-13 (toddlers/little kids), and sizes 1-5 (big kids).  The baby and toddler/little kid sections are almost always overflowing with cuteness, while the big kid selection is smaller, but definitely rich in quality.  Whatever your kiddo’s shoe size, chances are, the Goose has got some shoes for you. 

As an expression of my love for all things shoe, we’re having a sale – this week, through Sunday, May 30th, all used shoes, in all sizes, will be 10% off.  Just another incentive to come by the Goose and take home one of my precious pairs of shoes, putting them and me out of our misery. 

Jack Handey once advised, “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.  That way when you criticize them, you’re a mile away, and you have their shoes.” 

The Geese at the Goose don’t condone the criticism of others, or the theft of their shoes — come to the Goose shoe sale instead.   Everybody wins. 

-Meryl at the Goose

You know who else loves shoes, by the way?  Neil Patrick Harris, on Sesame Street: 


2 Responses to “Look of the Week: What are We Still Doing Here, Shoes Edition”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you’re right, m. this is stinkin awesome! nph,what a cutie.

  2. Superb post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject?
    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Bless you!

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