Don’t Bite Your Friends

May 22, 2010

So, someone (a kid-sized someone, not a grown-up … that would be a different post) bit Corrina at school yesterday.  Someone bit Corrina at school yesterday THREE TIMES.  I know this, because she has three distinct bite marks on her arm, and because the teacher kindly counted them for me as I signed the incident report.  I also found out that Rina was out of sight when it happened, that she cried, and that this was atypical behavior for the biting aggressor, who admitted her actions and was held accountable. 

I’m a little turned around here, because normally, I’m the mom of the biter.  My kids are hardcore.  They’re intense.  They take people out.  I’m completely used to phone calls and notes reporting the most recent thing one of my kids has done wrong, and I’ve grown quite graceful at handling those situations.  Being the mom of the victim, however, is a totally new experience.   

So, help.  Tell me how I feel. 


On a related note,  there is a pertinent Yo Gabba Gabba song for this post.  You may view the video below, and if you need more explanation regarding all things Gabba, I promise to provide such an explanation some day in the near future.  For now, check it out:

-Meryl at the Goose


4 Responses to “Don’t Bite Your Friends”

  1. JAMIE Says:

    I have been on both ends of the coin…mom of the bitten and mom of the biter. When my daughter use to bite I use to feel horrible, when kids use to bite my kids I felt horrible. There is no easy poll answer and feelings can’t be justified or rationalized, you may feel everything in that poll and that’s OK.

    I will say though that three bad bites in one day, that were not seen by the teacher, tells me something is going on in the class or with that particular child and your child. No, kids can’t be watched 24/7 but three times in the same day during which the teacher admits she didn’t see it, that’s just not acceptable. It also shows that whatever action they (the teacher/school) took against the biter isn’t working for this particular situation and it needs to be re-evaluated to stop the biter from causing pain to his/her classmates.

    To correct the behavior for good I would look at the driving force behind the biting. No matter if it’s your child biting or your child being bitten something is causing them to bite… sometimes it’s frustration, other times anger, sometimes it’s just normal exploration or teething.

  2. Frankie Says:

    while I do not have much time, I will respond later. Having been the child care provider administraive person in every kind of biting situation immaginable, I have one word first. Not mad, not yet, not at all. more later. Has our little red haired sweetie bitten, or just other stuff? If she has bitten you do need to try to find out if this is a child she has bitten. If that is the case, then those parents are probably (not justifably, just probably) mad themselves. later, for sure! take care, love to the family

  3. Some clarifying facts … my little red-head has not bitten before — I don’t think she’s ever been aggressive at all at school. She’s teenier than everyone else, and just sort of lets herself get knocked around, like she does at home with the boys. Also, the three bites happened in a row, and then someone noticed … not three throughout the day.

    Lovin’ your thoughts!


  4. Frankie Says:

    Glad to hear she has not bitten, that is a good thing!!! Toddlers bite but teachers also need to be alert and close enough to at least catch the second bite in mid-bite, as long as our angel cried with the first one! can’t imagine she did not. I presume the teachers are looking at how they “cover” the room. I dreamed last night about a biter we once had, only one we had to ask to leave for biting in years in a large center. He needed a small group and stopped biting when he got into a smaller setting. Hard to tell from the pic if the skin is broken, hope not.
    Love the video!!! love, me

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