Look of the Week: May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

“A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves — a special kind of double.” -Toni Morrison

Sisters Brinley and Rylee, ages 5 and 8, posing in Mimi's Attic, and being utterly delightful

In my actual family, there are no sets of sisters.  Of my three children, there are two boys and one girl, and I myself have only a brother.  In the imaginary family in my head, however, there are lots of sisters.  I myself have one or two, now adult women, obviously, who love me beyond measure and put up with me and my agita in that supernatural sisterly way I see in movies.  I also sometimes imagine being the mom of multiple girls, especially when I see the super sister sets who frequent the Goose — Sandy’s girls, who consistently appear as calm co-conspirators navigating their world as a team, or Kelly’s girls, who seem to share an imaginary world so complex, magical, and exclusive, that I can’t even begin to contemplate the details.

This week, I met another duo of sisters that made me crave a set of my own.  This week’s Look of the Week models, Brinley and Rylee, were so joyful, cooperative, and energetic that our photoshoot lasted a fraction of the time I would have liked to spend with them.  Thank you, Mama Melissa, for introducing them to me, and for lending them to our weekly feature. 

Brinley (pictured on right) is wearing a Zoey girl tank top in size 5 ($4.25) and size 5 HT Jeans ($6.95).  She’s got a Satch & Sol pom-pom in her hair ($3.98) and Bass clogs on her feet ($5.95) and she and her sister are posing on an adorable IKEA living room set.  (An adorable IKEA living room set, you ask?  Why, yes!  I wonder if that’s the sort of thing that might be available at Mimi’s Attic.)

Rylee  is wearing a size 7/8 Old Navy Tunic dress ($3.95) and size 7/8 Arizona leggings ($2.25).  Her shoes are in size 2.5 by SmartFit ($5.95) and she’s wearing a locally-made headband ($5.00). 

Cute outfits, cute girls, cute furniture!  Happy Monday.  If you’ve got one, call your sister.

-Meryl at the Goose


3 Responses to “Look of the Week: May 17, 2010”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I hear you, Meryl. I have always been a wee bit jealous of people who have sisters (Gwynne has scads of them). Brinley and Rylee are so cute (love their names) and I love the way you described my daughters’ shared fantasy world. It is quite exclusive and mysterious.

  2. melissa Says:

    Thank you Meryl!The pictures turned out great! I’m so glad my girls could be part of this. You really captured their personalities.

  3. Gwynne Says:

    okay, so i love this post more than most (rhyming, whaaattt?!) because it begins with a quote from my favorite author aannnnd, as kelly mentioned, i’m obsessed with sisters–these two are especially cute!

    sisters are the greatest gift i have ever been given! (thanks mom and dad)

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