Ithaca Loves Pre-K, Mama Goose Loves You

April 29, 2010

A beautiful piece of artwork crafted at IACC, Ithaca's Downtown Daycare Center, and currently on display at Mama Goose.

At the Goose, we see all types of mamas:  vegetarian and carnivorous mamas, working and stay-at-home mamas, home-schooling and public/private schooling mamas.  This last mama difference – the school issue — can sometimes seem divisive, especially in these challenging financial times.  Some customers are devoted to their home schooling cooperatives, while others are enraged about the potential elimination of funding for universal pre-K.  (That’s where the title of this post came from: one of our lovely teacher customers recently came into the store wearing an “Ithaca is Pre-K” t-shirt, to show her support for the ICSD pre-k program.)   I, personally, am a huge devotee of South Hill Elementary and New Roots Charter School, and could talk your ear off about the virtues of both.   The point is, with all of this love out there, it’s impossible for Mama Goose to be supportive of just one educational option.

This is where the blog, and you, lovely readers, come in.   All along, we’ve wanted to use this space as an open forum on all of the issues which interest our clientele, and education is definitely on that list.   If you have a schooling option about which you feel passionate, we’d like to invite you to submit a testimonial piece for our Educational Profiles series, which I will be officially launching in, say, one paragraph from now.   Just e-mail your thoughts on your child’s school/daycare/home-school experience to and, if possible, include some pictures of your shiny, happy children, you know, learning stuff.  If the timing is right, you can also utilize our back hallway art gallery and show off some school-inspired kiddie creations, to go with your words. 

I’m going to get this school-lovin’ party started, since I’m the one typing, and therefore get first dibs.  If you’ve heard me blabbering at the Goose lately, you may have heard that my littlest one has just started daycare full-time.  Huge shout-outs of thanks to the people who have looked at me kindly and asked not, “How is she liking it?” but “Oh… how are you doing?”  because, in truth, I’m not doing so hot.  I feel guilty, and paranoid, and I miss her, and when I forget to miss her, I feel guilty, and then paranoid, etc…  (Corrina appears to be handling daycare fine, although I worry that she’s lying awake at night planning my eventual and well-deserved demise since I obviously don’t love her enough to be with her every minute of the day.) 

The daycare program itself, IACC, is what has made this whole transition bearable.  Coming highly recommended by Mama Goslings Barb and Julie, and having the added advantage of being around the corner from our house, IACC was the perfect place for us even before we walked through the door.  Now that Rina’s there five days a week, and we know her wonderful teachers and adorable classmates, we’re even happier.  There’s only one wrinkle:  due to a variety of factors, IACC is under some serious financial pressure right now, and there was even talk of the 40-year-old program being forced to close.  Though there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel, IACC is still in the midst of a big push to raise funds and increase enrollment.  If you want to come out and show your support, or if you’re looking into daycare options, or even if you just want to catch a glimpse of my adorable family, you can do so this Saturday, May 1st, from 2 to 5 pm in Dewitt Park.  IACC is holding a benefit with music, magic, munchies, and much much more.  All are welcome. 

If you’d rather get a glimpse of IACC from the Goose, of if you’re just generally more into symbolic representation, drop by the back hallway art gallery, where beautiful works of art from the IACC classrooms, like the one pictured above, are currently on display.  Once you’re feeling inspired, drop me a line about your child’s learning experiences, and we’ll work together on sharing it with the Mama Goose world! 

An IACC informational poster is currently hanging with the artwork on display. Check it out in person next time you come in.

-Meryl at the Goose


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