Look of the Week: April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

It’s hard out there for a kindergartener.  The blacktops of Ithaca schoolyards are quickly becoming as fashion-forward as the white tents of Bryant Park.  And as you know in fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.  Luckily, Mama Goose is here to help lovely little ladies like Nuala (pictured below) stay schooling it in style. 

Nuala’s outfit features an adustable-waist Gap skirt in a size 6 ($3.95) and floral tank by Oshkosh in size 6 ($3.25).  The Jumping Jack sandals on her feet are a size 11 (new, $27.98) and are the very last pair in stock.   Her pigtails are adorned by Sol & Satch hairpoms (each $3.98).  

Off she goes, beautiful and brilliant, ready to face a new day of early education. 

-Meryl at the Goose

*Blogling note:  I’ve been watching a lot of Project Runway lately.  That may have crept in here.


One Response to “Look of the Week: April 12, 2010”

  1. You too could be the star of a Look of the Week photo session! Not only are we looking for models from newborns to size 14, but we could also use an expectant mama model — our maternity section deserves blog attention too! E-mail meryl@mamagooseithaca.com if you’re interested…

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