Look of the Week: March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

Recently, I overheard a daughter in our dressing room say to her mother, “I just want your opinion, Mom.  I don’t really care what it is.”  Ahh, I thought to myself, the perils of shopping for a tween, and then I promptly forgot about it.

This week, however, I recruited ACS seventh grader Leyla to be our Look of the Week model to remind everybody that Mama Goose isn’t just for little kids, and then I had a pang of nervousness — what if she hated everything in the store and stomped off, refusing to model a single piece of clothing?  Luckily, Leyla couldn’t have been more delightful, and it turns out that our 9-14 girls’ selection was so phenomenal, that we couldn’t settle on just one outfit!  Leyla and I had so much fun that I considered offering my personal shopping services complimentary to all mamas of tween girls — otherwise, I’ll have to wait a decade until my teeny toddler finally grows into those sizes!

Leyla’s first outfit consists of a size 12 Gap dress, new w/ tags ($14.95) paired with an Old Navy cardigan in a 10/12 ($3.95).  A Sewing Mommy headband ($5.00) and silver earrings from our women’s accessories collection ($6.99, pictured with all outfits) bring the outfit together.  On her feet, Leyla rocks a pair of Teva sandals, newly available at the Goose in women’s sizes 5-10 for $23.98. 

Outfit #2 features a Gap tank top in size 12 ($3.95), a Gap hoodie in 14/16 ($4.95) and new w/tags Children’s Place sequined jeans (no longer for sale — so cute on Leyla that she took them home!)  The metallic flats pictured are the model’s own, and the headband is by SweetiePie Designs ($6.95).

The final outfit is built around an adorable Juicy Couture terrycloth skirt in size 14 ($8.95), worn with a Gap tank in size 14/16 ($4.95) and a short-sleeved hoodie by Justice in size 10 ($4.50).  For this outfit, the Tevas came back to complete the warm weather look.

 The moral of the story is:  not only does Mama Goose do big kids, we do it well!  Bring those tweens in today. 

-Meryl at the Goose


2 Responses to “Look of the Week: March 22, 2010”

  1. Casey Says:


    Will you provide this service for 25 year olds who cannot shop with their mothers?


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