Look of the Week: March 8

March 8, 2010

Cooper, our model of the week, has the misfortune of being pre-verbal and therefore unable to express his embarassment at being photographed in his underwear. He is wearing a Kissaluv, bought used at MG, and a Made-at-Home fleece diaper cover.

Any fashionista mama-to-be feels a slight twinge upon hearing the news, “It’s a girl.”  Any discussion of gender as a social construction aside, little boys’ clothing gets a bum rap, and sometimes for good reason. (I mean, how creative can you really get with blue and white stripes?)   Lately, though, our infant baby boy racks have been so chock full of adorableness that I can’t seem to get through a shift without screeching, “Oh my gosh!  Have you seen this?  SOOOOOO CUTE!”   After my most recent screeching bout, I decided that it was time for the Look of the Week to cater to the heretofore underestimated fashion-forward baby boy.

William Cooper Pia-Miller, pictured below, reminds us that it is never too early to start dressing for success.  He wears a Ralph Lauren terrycloth romper (0-3 months, $5.95), paired with a Hanna Andersson infant hat ($2.50), and soft-soled baby wallabees (size 2, $1.95).  Completely bored with the lack of intellectual stimulation present in his photo session, Baby Cooper, as he is called, required entertainment in the form of a Wild Apples Rollie Pollie sailboat.  That way, he was able to daydream about the summer he would spend yachting before beginning his MBA program and then going on to become CEO of a highly successful yet socially responsible alternative energy corporation. 

Blogling note:  For anyone interested in the personal goings-on of the Blogling, you might like to know that Baby Cooper isn’t just some baby we pulled in off the street.  Cooper is the biological child of my husband and my friend Elizabeth.  To those who are familiar with the backstory, I usually refer to Coop as my husband’s lovechild.   Really, though he’s the love child of many.  When you take Coop’s biological parents, and add in his two big brothers, his Mommy Keli, myself, and our three kids, you get what we call our “logical family”  — two houses, four grown-ups, six kids, three dogs, four cats… one love.

-Meryl at the Goose


6 Responses to “Look of the Week: March 8”

  1. Erika Says:

    SOOOOO adorable.

  2. keli Says:

    actually… many of the cats DO NOT share the love. But, for the benefit of our public persona… much love hug.

  3. Frankie Miller Says:

    love extends to the grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins of said Babe!

  4. Hannah Says:

    So cute! We have that same fleece cover and love it!

  5. MarthaQ Says:

    I think Cooper looks very Zen in that first photograph. I don’t know if it’s the turban-style hat or the hand positioning, but if he started leading meditation sessions in the Pia-Miller living room I would not be surprised.

  6. Alyssa Says:

    This little guy is ADORABLE!

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