Looks of the Week: What Are We Still Doing Here?

March 1, 2010

Pictured above: Gap Seersucker Blazer, Size 5 ($6.95); Janie & Jack Sweater, Size 3 ($8.95); Boys' GUESS Jeans, Size 24 months ($9.95); Dress by Tea, Size 3 ($17.95); Boys' striped pants by Gymboree and Zutano, Size 18-24 months ($2.25); Girls' Mini Boden pants, Size 5/6 ($9.95); Ralph Lauren dresses, Size 12-18 months (pink, $5.95; blue w/onesie, $7.95); Gap cable-knit sweater, Size 3 ($7.95).

As you may have already noticed, Mama Goose staffers are a bit on the kooky side.  When you combine our kookiness with our shared love of children’s clothing, you get a phenomenon I’m going to call Product Attachment Disorder, or PAD.  This is when, for one reason or another, a gosling gets overly attached to a particular item on the sales floor, and it usually ends badly.  Either the item is purchased when the PAD-afflicted gosling is away from the sales floor, and the poor girl spends the rest of her days longing to know whether her beloved item has found its way to a deserving home, or the item, inexplicably, hangs in the store for days or weeks on end, leading the gosling to pick it up every couple days, and moan, “What is this still doing here?”

This week’s Look of the Week isn’t one look, but a collection of pieces of clothing to which at least one staff member is devoted.  And, if you see something you like, mention this post at the register when you come in to purchase one of the items below — you’ll receive a 10% discount for temporarily easing the pain caused by the PAD epidemic. 

This week’s collection is restricted to sizes 6 and under.  The big kids will get their shot at PAD-inspiring items in a couple weeks, and, on the Mondays in between, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled Look of the Week programming.   Just keeping you in the loop!

-Meryl at the Goose


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