Gold Medal Moms

February 28, 2010

I’ve been crying off and on for the past two and a half weeks.  Stop your worrying — everything’s fine.  It’s just that the Olympic Games, especially the winter ones, turn me into a weepy, emotional mess.  Quite possibly the least athletic person who has ever lived, I, nevertheless, savor every moment of Olympic coverage, and often find myself teary-eyed, muttering absurd things like, “Oh!  That German girl asked that American girl if she’s okay!  That’s so nice!” 

I know I’m not the only who feels this way about the Olympics, and it makes sense.  In a worldwide climate that makes it incredibly difficult to maintain anything but cautious cynicism, the Olympics manages a simplistic blend of patriotism and universality that creates a catharsis — a seventeen-day collective sigh of relief, in which we can feel inspired by the outrageous potential each one of us contains as a human being.

It is this mindset that leaves me wide open for willing manipulation by corporate America, and it is from this place that I share the following videos with you.   It turns out that colossal capitalist conglomerates have a soft side when it comes to the Olympics, as is evidenced by the Proctor & Gamble “Thank you Mom” campaign.   As I watched the videos below, sadly preparing for tonight’s closing ceremonies and the end to my daily dose of joyous tears, I realized that there is one other thing that provides me the same comfort and joy that I find in the Olympic games — the  lovingkindness of good parenting.  With these videos, I can seek solace in both, over and over.

-Meryl at the Goose


5 Responses to “Gold Medal Moms”

  1. By the way, I would be the WORST Olympian mom ever. I cannot keep my eyes open when those skiers and snowboarders do those crazy aerial things. If it were my kids, I would puke on the sideline every time.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I cry through 5th grade basketball every time. Something about seeing kids tackle something difficult that is self-motivated.

  3. Margie Rosten Says:

    It’s clearly genetic, Meryl. I cry at the GE commercials, too.

  4. Nothing as precious as gift of being a mom. Thanks for these tender reminders that it is alive and well around the world….especially in people like you. You come by it naturally.

  5. casey Says:

    Man, I cry at all of this. Watching the olympics with my boyfriend, he’s kept a tally. 8 or so times at actual events (mostly skiing and hockey) and 12 or more at commercials — I think it is the music, in part.

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