Snow Day (or, the Mama Goose Blogling Experiments with Online Polling)

February 25, 2010

Corrina, in a Mama Goose snowsuit, slides down a ramp made from the boxspring mattress that has been in our backyard for the past year and a half.

As you may recall, I’m not winter’s biggest fan.  Right now, while the rest of my family is outside frolicking in our snow-covered backyard making noises that indicate merriment and joy, I’m hiding inside, sulking, wondering if there’s anything I can do to speed up global warming.  (That’s a joke.  I don’t mean it.  I completely appreciate the total catastrophe that is the issue of climate change and was merely making light of it for the entertainment value.  Please don’t picket my house.) 

I wasn’t always anti-Snow Day.  The young, single version of me was all about any excuse to take a break from regular life.  In fact, in college, I would happily try to force the cancellation of classes using the orange-in-the-freezer/pajamas-on-inside-out rituals that my friend Sarah, a native upstate New Yorker, swears by.  (We don’t do crazy things like that in the NYC metro area… we just harass our local school district officials until they give in to our whims.  Sorry, Superintendent Carol Harrington from my childhood.  That must have sucked for you.)

But, the tables have turned since I entered motherhood.  When my husband pokes me early in the morning to tell me the news, having groggily checked the school closings using the cell phone that is permanently implanted in his palm, I groan.  I love my children, but I love them even more when they’ve been at school for several hours.  Spending the day completely rearranging our already complicated schedules to accomodate activity cancellations, dangerous road conditions, and stir-crazy children, drives me batty.  By the end of the day, the only thing I can do is put the kids to sleep and then get in bed myself, fervently hoping that the next morning, all of the snow will be gone and we can get back to our regularly scheduled living.

What about you?  When it comes to Snow Days, are you for or against?  Vote in our very first Blogling poll below, and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

-Meryl at the Goose


2 Responses to “Snow Day (or, the Mama Goose Blogling Experiments with Online Polling)”

  1. Laura Love Says:

    I used to be against snow days primarily because it meant I’d have to find some way to entertain the wee beasties all day… (clearly public school has spoiled me)
    Now that I have a 6th grader who seems apparently WILLING to actually shovel the driveway (and quite well, I might add), a snow day doesn’t seem so horrific. In fact, he even asked me what else he could do to help. I didn’t know he even knew what that word meant!
    I kid about this, he really is a helpful kid. And I’m fully aware of his motives ($$). I’m okay with that. He wants to bust his but shoveling the driveway so his preggo momma doesn’t have to? He wants money for it? No problem there!!

  2. keli Says:

    Day two of snow days is KILLING me. I am taking the children off video game restriction early and telling them I put dollar bills in the back yard before the snow started. how will I EVER make it….

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