Wherever You Go, Ergo, My Dear

February 24, 2010

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but, here in Ithaca at least, an Ergo baby carrier is a mama’s best friend.  The Ergo, which we sell new and, once in a glee-inspiring while, used, is continually one of the most popular items here at Mama Goose.  We thought it high time we heard from one of our many Ergo-loving customers with some specific thoughts on this beloved product.   

Guest blogger Alyssa Binns, her son Leif, and their Ergo

Guest blogger Alyssa Binns, son Leif, and their Ergo

When we were expecting our son, Leif, who is now two-and-a-half, I did a lot of research trying to figure out which baby products were actually necessary and which of them we could do without.  As we narrowed our search, it became clear that a solid and comfortable baby carrier was essential.    The Ergo website led us to Mama Goose, and now we can’t imagine raising our son without either of them. 

Since the beginning, we’ve used the Ergo on a daily basis for all kinds of reasons.  As a newborn, Leif required constant carrying and the Ergo allowed me full use of my hands without the sore shoulders that sometimes come with a sling.  I have to admit, it was also a great way to keep Leif away from the germs that freaked me out in my first couple of weeks as a new mom.   When he was snuggled up in the Ergo, Leif looked so comfortable and content, no one asked to hold him!

As Leif got older, we relied on the Ergo every time we left the house.  Diaper bag, Ergo and a wallet (stashed in the Ergo’s front pocket) and we were good to go.  Grocery shopping, trips to Mama Goose, and even friends’ weddings became simple thanks to the Ergo.  After a bit of practice, breastfeeding on the go became second nature for us.  No one had any idea that my “good baby” was happy because he was nursing – that little “sun” hood covered everything.  When other moms asked about our carrier (and so many did) I was more than happy to recommend it. 

Once Leif became mobile, we used the Ergo less around the house, but found it essential in our quest to end Leif’s nurse-to-sleep association.  Instead of letting him cry and work it out on his own, we gently transitioned him by wearing him down in the Ergo and then gently placing him in bed.  He was already used to falling asleep in the carrier, so this was a painless adjustment for all of us and allowed my husband to finally take a more active role in the bedtime routine. 

Now that Leif is an active little toddler, he’s become much more independent and doesn’t really want to be carried anymore.  Every once in a while, we’ll use the Ergo when he’s fallen asleep in the car, allowing him to stay sleeping and us to keep moving.  Even though we’re rarely using it, the Ergo is still one thing I never leave the house without – just in case.  I’ve tried other slings and wraps, but there’s simply not another product that is as comfortable and functional as the Ergo.  Sure, they’re not the cheapest carriers on the market, but I challenge you to find one that is better.  And considering how often we’ve used it, my husband and I agree– that thing is worth every penny!

-Alyssa for the Goose

Alyssa Binns is a local mama blogger and Mama Goose customer.  Check out her blog, Keep it Real, and let us know in the comments:  Where do you and your Ergo go?


One Response to “Wherever You Go, Ergo, My Dear”

  1. Sandra Sorensen Says:

    I bought my Ergo when my third daughter was 15 months old (that was when Mama Goose started selling them.) I used my Ergo to contain my 15 month old when she was getting in to mischief or just did not want to not be carried. Two kids came after and the Ergo was/is by far my top pick for baby gear. My last daughter just turned 3 and we sold our Ergo for just $20 less than we bought it for, 6 years later! So, remember resale value is high, it is more like an investment; surely it too will be the best $20 you will ever spend!

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