Customer Profile Questionnaire, Multimedia Edition: Katherine Center

February 18, 2010

Well, golly, Mamas —  we got ourselves a celebrity customer!  The lovely Katherine Center, creator of the inspiring video above, is also the author of two novels, the mama of two kids, and a customer at the Goose when she visits Ithaca every summer!  She was kind enough to take time out from writing and parenting to fill out our CPQ, and is planning on stopping by the store this summer to share some more wit and wisdom with us.  For those who can’t wait ’til summer, read more about Katherine below.

How long have you been a Mama Goose customer and how did you hear about us?

My parents-in-law live right near the old location.  We spend at least two weeks in Ithaca every summer, and we always make a point of visiting Mama Goose.

How many kids do you shop for and how old are they?

Our kids are 4 and 6 now.  But we’ve been shopping at Mama Goose since before our littlest was born.

What are your favorite kinds of purchases at MG? Your biggest “score”?

The summer I was pregnant with our son, I came in one time looking for boys’ clothes.  I had saved all his big sister’s clothes very carefully—certain, for some reason, that our next baby would be a girl.  So when it was time for boy clothes, I made a trip to Mama Goose and found so many cute things I practically needed a wheelbarrow to haul my finds home.

Why are you in/do you come to Ithaca?

My parents-in-law have lived there for about the past ten years.  We have always loved Ithaca—it’s a perfect change of pace from our lives in Houston.   And now that we have kids, we are very committed to making it up every single summer.  The weather’s so great in the summer in Ithaca, and there are so many amazing things to do.   We look forward to it all year.

When I get a minute to myself, the first thing I want to do is ….

sleep.  Or read.  Or check my email.  But mostly sleep.

On a typical day, when I’m not with my kids, I can usually be found .…

writing!  I spend almost every spare minute that I’m not parenting writing.  As the dishes in our sink will confirm.

The scariest thing about being a parent is .…

the distinct possibility of worrying myself to death.

One of my child’s favorite book or toy is ….

Legos.  And Harry Potter.

I have to admit, I love my .…

Internet connection!

Do you have a recipe you’d like to share?

One of our favorite Toddler Finger Foods is to take a little lump of cream cheese and put a bunch of straight pretzels in it and call it a birthday cake.  Then the kids eat the “candles.”  Always a crowd-pleaser!

Can you name one grocery item that can always be found in your kitchen?


What is your favorite business in Ithaca other than MG?

We are huge, crazy fans of Silk Oak!

Are you on Facebook and/or do you Tweet?

Yes!  I’m on Facebook, and I Tweet, too!  @katherinecenter

Do you have a group, club, organization, blog or business that you’d like us to introduce and link to?

Well, I’m a novelist, and I write bittersweet comedies about love and family and motherhood.  My first novel is The Bright Side of Disaster, my second is Everyone Is Beautiful, and I have a third, Get Lucky, coming out in April.

I’d love for folks to visit my website at

I have a blog there, too that I update at least once or twice a week.

And that’s Katherine, just another fabulous Goose customer.  Her Mom 2.0 video was so inspiring to us, that we’ve launched a Mama Goose YouTube Channel with Katherine’s video at the helm.  I’ll be adding all sorts of other videos in days to come, so if you have something you’d like to share, leave it in the comments below and/or e-mail me at

-Meryl at the Goose


2 Responses to “Customer Profile Questionnaire, Multimedia Edition: Katherine Center”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Hooray! Thank you!!

  2. Our customers are so clever! Check out this new addition to our YouTube Channel, created by cloth diaper lover and MG shopper Kim Rosas:

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