Look of the Week: February 15th

February 15, 2010

Happy President’s Day to all!  My apologies for not posting the Look of the Week earlier in the day, but you all know how difficult it is to get a moment away when your entire family is engaged in a celebratory day-long, thought-provoking historical dialogue regarding past presidential acts and corresponding future implications for the current political climate.    (What?  Your family doesn’t do that?   And you call yourselves AMERICANS?)

Anyway, without further adieu, the Look of the Week, assembled by our resident tot stylist, Gwynne. 

Perfect for your 3-year-old hipster, this week’s look features a size 3 Gap tee ($3.50), surprisingly  yet chicly paired with size 3 boys H & M skinny jeans with an adjustable waist ($6.95), and LFT High-tops with Ribbon laces in a European size 25 (American 8.5/9) ($4.25).  This outfit screams, “I can’t wait to backpack through Europe for the summer because nobody here understands me!”  And isn’t that exactly what you want your 3-year-old to say? 

-Meryl at the Goose


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