Ode to Mother-ease

January 28, 2010

Someone asked me the other day, “Why do you all carry so many Mother-ease diapers?”

 I must admit, I was flabbergasted. Why carry Mother-ease? For me, the question has always been why doesn’t everyone carry Mother-ease diapers? But, serious questions are worthy of serious answers. So, why this love affair with Mother-ease?

 1) They’re simple. It’s hard to find a diaper that is both highly adjustable and basic enough that your toddler can do it himself.

 2) They’re absorbent. All of the varieties of Mother-ease diapers have a dense core built into the fabric for extra absorbency. For overnights or heavy-wetters, snap in one of Mother-ease’s diaper liners or lay one into an All-in-One.

 3) There’s something for everyone. Mother-ease’s most popular diaper is surely the Mother-ease One Size Diaper. These are billed as good for children 8-35 lbs. (though I have found that for long thin babies, it can be more like 10-35 lbs.). You want cotton? Got it. Make that organic cotton? Not a problem. Wish it had something to keep your baby feeling dry? Done. Into flashy colors? Can do. Prefer the feel of organic bamboo? It’s yours.

Additionally, Mama Goose carries the lesser-known-but-still-fabulous Mother-ease All-in-One. This is a hybridized version of the Mother-ease Air Flow diaper covers and their cotton terry fabric. The perfect babysitter diaper, this one is waterproof and absorbency in a single package.

 4) They make a more useful heirloom than jewelry. Nothing lasts forever, but the One Size comes close. So far, the most consecutive baby bums I’ve heard of a Mother-ease diaper covering is five children with life still left in them! (And, by the way, those were bought USED!)

 5) They fit. Both the One Size and the All-in-Ones have a top snap that adjusts the waist width and a bottom snap that adjusts the leg hole. For my twiggy-legged guy, this was indispensable. Tubby tummies and long legs or skinny minis and thigh rolls can all be addressed with a click of the snap.

 But I realize I seem inauthentic if I don’t say something about the faults of Mother-ease. And it’s true, there are some, though they are, in my opinion, minor.

 Expect to pay more up front for these than prefolds. Fantastic design and ease of use don’t come cheap. Price them out over time, especially when considering future children, and they come out less expensive than most other fitted diaper systems and certainly than disposables. I have heard some users say they are wide in the crotch. I would say this is true, but because the diapers are so malleable, any excess just folds in on itself virtually unnoticed. Some say you can’t fit them on a newborn. If you have big babies, you probably won’t have any trouble, but for many people there will be an interim newborn period when nothing – their onesies or their drawers – will fit. A small stash of prefolds or disposable diapers should do the trick to get you through those first few weeks.

 Thus ends my ode. Mother-ease is the Cadillac of the cloth diaper world. But don’t take my word for it. Try ’em!

-Gina at the Goose

Blogling Note:  Obvi, Gina has some big, big love for Mother-ease diapers.  If there’s an MG product about which you feel passionate, and you’d like to guest blog about it, e-mail me at meryl@mamagooseithaca.com.


7 Responses to “Ode to Mother-ease”

  1. wendy Says:

    I ❤ me some MEase too!

  2. Diana Says:

    I used them with my daughter, and LOVED them! Highly recommend them as a way to keep cloth diapering simple!

  3. Sandra Sorensen Says:

    I got a few used Mother-ease diapers at the tail end of my 5th baby in cloth diapers. (We primarily used the best hand-made prefolds ever with bummies wraps.) The Mother-ease diapers were awesome, and even doubled as the best training pants ever. Although Mother-ease does make a nice training specific pant, we were already in love with the fact that our toddler could pull the one size diaper up and down by herself and it was great at catching most of the accidents she had. If I were to have another….Mother ease bamboo with Made @ Home fleece and wool covers would be my top pick!

  4. Mother-ease was so tickled by our review that they’re sending us a special something to use in an upcoming blog giveaway! Stay tuned!

  5. hillary13 Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I got my first Mother-ease from the goose used. I had always wanted them but price kept me with prefolds. You literally put 10 used ones on the shelf as I perused and I couldn’t believe my luck. I splurged on 5 and now wish I had gotten all 10 of them. By far my most favorite cloth diaper.

  6. Tommy Says:

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  7. Lavonne Says:

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