Head to Toe, Baby

January 23, 2010

Corrina in Mama Goose, both physically and sartorially, wearing a Petit Bateau onesie, Diesel skirt, Sonoma leggings, and Robeez booties.

Here’s something you should know about me:  I love a good contest, and I mean really love, like a deep-seated, passionate, I-had-a-raffle-at-my-wedding love.  (For real.  It was AWESOME.)  I also love playing dress-up, and, as you already know, I love Mama Goose.  So, I was totally psyched when Mama Kelly Goose and I discovered that we were unknowingly but simultaneously (caution:  goose pun ahead!) hatching plans for my first blogling contest. 

Fairly often, I look down at one of my wee ones, and realize that he or she is dressed head-to-toe in Mama Goose fare.  This almost always means that said child looks adorable (unless my husband chose the outfit, in which case the result can only be described as puzzling) and I have the urge to snap a picture.  Well, for those of you who experience the same phenomenon, snap away, and send it in!

We’ll be collecting Head-to-Toe pictures from now until Valentine’s Day and posting them on our Flickr page.   On February 14th, a very sophisticated panel of judges with an elaborate, foolproof judging system (read:  me and Kelly and whatever other goslings want to weigh in) will choose our favorite photographed outfit, and the mama who submitted it will win a fabulous pink Cozy (a kid-sized Slanket/Snuggie-esque thing pictured on our lovely Gwynne below) and a $10 gift certificate.

Send your pictures to meryl@mamagooseithaca.com, or bring your adorably dressed kidlets to the store and have one of our goslings take a picture.  Include your name, the name of the child photographed, and as much identifying information about the clothing pictured as you can.  Enter as many pictures as you like – with all of the wonderful items that have come in and out of our store over the past several years, the outfit combinations are endless, and entries can be too!

-Meryl at the Goose


One Response to “Head to Toe, Baby”

  1. sounds a nice competition

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