Mother Nature Comes to Mama Goose

January 19, 2010

Kids and parents listen to Mimi from Ithaca Children's Garden read an introductory story.

I love Ithaca, really, I do, but for about a third of the year, I have a tough time tapping into that love.  I’m 100% opposed to the Northeastern winter.  I am never dreaming of a white Christmas; I do not enjoy walking in a winter wonderland.  I don’t skate, ski, or snowboard, and if hibernation were an option for humans, I’d take it. 

When my husband and I were deciding where I would attend law school, he was the pro-Cornell candidate, having fallen in love with Ithaca on our first visit here.  I wanted to go to U.C.L.A., where it is currently 65 degrees and sunny and you might just run into George Clooney.  In the end, my husband’s arguments for a city that is “family friendly” with a “low cost of living,” defeated my George Clooney defense and I gave in.

Despite the winter, I have grown to truly love Ithaca, but I maintain my disgust for the cold season, especially since entering mama-dom.   I fervently believe that it is harder to parent in a place that has a significant winter than it is in a more hospitable climate. Just the outerwear alone compounds the daily child struggles enormously, and when you factor in the disruption of snow days, winter illnesses, and the seasonal unavailability of outdoor playscapes, times are tough on a maternal unit in these months.

This is why I’m particularly enchanted by the Winter Sprouts program.  On Monday mornings, at 10 o’clock, the Ithaca Children’s Garden brings their program indoors to help fill the void of winter children’s activities.  Yesterday’s program, hosted by Leigh and Mimi from the Children’s Garden, was a huge hit.   Over 20 children, accompanied by their mamas and papas, worked on two different kinds of birdfeeders.  After the project was completed, they got to take home in order to help feed our feathered friends in these lean months.  As you can see from the pictures, a fabulous time was had by all, and next Monday’s event promises to be just as wonderful.   Hope you can join us! 

-Meryl at the Goose

Mimi and Leigh prepare the project

Brothers Charlie and Sam hard at work on their birdfeeders.

Brothers Charlie and Sam hard at work

Bella Moon really embraced that hands-on nature of the birdfeeder project

Siblings Emma and Colin work together

The best projects are fun AND delicious

The finished product!


2 Responses to “Mother Nature Comes to Mama Goose”

  1. Val Says:

    Yes… down with winter! Looks like Winter Sprouts is a huge hit overtaking Mama Goose… What a great activity for hands of all ages- we’ve got to get in there next Monday 🙂

  2. Calina Says:

    We had a great time and will definitely be back! Love the store!

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