Meet the Blogling: Meryl at the Goose

January 14, 2010


From the first time I set foot in the new, expanded, Mama Goose, I felt something special happening.  It was early summer 2008, and I wasn’t a mama yet.  I’d been to the “Little Goose” a couple times, looking for things for babysitting charges or my husband’s preschool classroom, and while I’d been impressed with the business concept, as anyone can attest, navigating the cramped space of the Little Goose was a challenge.  This new Goose, though, was something else.  It felt like something more than a store … it felt like a community.

Imagine my delight to find out that this feeling of mine went beyond my usual whimsy and touched on the intentions of Mama Goose herself, Kelly Moreland.  As anyone who is familiar with Kelly or the history of Mama Goose knows, the store has always strived to be more than a retail establishment, and it has succeeded in that mission, becoming a wonderful local resource for mamas and their loved ones.

This blog came into existence as a natural evolution of that mission.  It is designed to be an inclusive extension of the Mama Goose community, our way of taking the conversations that happen at the register one step further. The energy that is created when women and mothers come together at Mama Goose is so powerful that it needs a forum as large as the blogosphere to be truly appreciated.

Most of the women that frequent the store are sharing a common journey, regardless of where they are along the way.    The blog provides an opportunity for them to “peep” at each other when they are looking for inspiration or the knowledge that they are not alone in their daily endeavors.  We are all doing the same thing, in different households with different approaches, styles and priorities.   This blog should serve as a reminder that while motherhood can be incredibly isolating, it can also be incredibly unifying, and Mama Goose would like to help bring us all together.

In addition to trading gently-used children’s clothing, we at Mama Goose like to pay attention to “other stuff mamas need” — things like new products, events, resources, workshops and just food for thought.  Currently, there are twelve women who work at Mama Goose and countless customers, Facebook friends, Twitter followers and professional acquaintances. As this blog evolves, we hope to draw from our entire Goose community to be another resource for you in your pursuit of “other stuff”.

This is where I come in.  In order to take full advantage of the blog, Mama Kelly Goose needed some help — someone to devote her energy to maintaining the Goose’s place in cyberspace:  a Blogling, if you will.  A devoted Mama Goose customer since that first day I walked into the “Big Goose”, I am thrilled to move beyond my frequent shopping visits and to take part in this exciting new aspect of the Mama Goose experience.  You’ll see me roaming around the store, taking photos at events, hovering over the buy station whenever something catches my eye.  Please, come up and say hello, and let me know your blog-related thoughts, either in person or by e-mail at   I’m looking forward to our future conversations.

To get to know me a bit better, you can read my entry in our new series, Mama Goose Moments.

-Meryl at the Goose


3 Responses to “Meet the Blogling: Meryl at the Goose”

  1. casey Says:

    whooo! we love meryl!

  2. maya Says:

    I’ve loved reading the last two posts about you, Meryl. So nice to “meet” you! What an incredible gift you are to Mama Goose.

  3. Meryl Says:

    It’s so nice to “meet” you too, Maya, and what a lovely thing to say! Thank you for joining me in the Mama Goose blog world, and for allowing us to link to your gorgeous blog.

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