Colorful Diapers and Mama-Made Slings… These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

December 3, 2009

The Cloth Diapering Section

I’m feeling festive these days. I have a five year old who has been preparing for his annual train-trip-and-grandparent-extravaganza since the first day I said it was too cold to swim. I’m also a self-identified gear junky, so the opportunity to talk shop with a bunch of new mamas really gets me going.

Sunday, December 6 at 3:30pm I will be co-hosting the Cloth Diapering and Babywearing Workshop at Mama Goose, and there’s a lot on the agenda. I will be joined by diaper guru and carrier connoisseur Sandra Sorenson, mama of five (Need I say more?), and Rebecca Schillenbac, the owner of Diaper Duty diaper service for an afternoon of fun, food and invaluable information.

Mama Marsh Locally made All-in-Ones

Been surfing the web or flipping through the pages of Mothering Magazine lately? Then you’re probably a bit befuddled about the number of diapering options out there. We’ll help you narrow it down to the four basic varieties of cloth diapers

  • prefolds/DSQ
  • fitteds
  • pockets
  • all-in-ones (AIOs)

and cover the pros and cons of each. Are you interested in cloth diapering because you want to save money? Concerned about the environment? Think it’s better for baby? Come demo a diverse line of diaper products to figure out which one will be best for your family.

We’ll also spend some time demystifying baby carriers. The focus will be on the Ergo baby carrier and Ithaca-made Cuddlebunny Slings. Front, back and side carries, adaptations for twins or two children – bring on your questions,  bring on your special circumstances! We love a challenge! And, if you have another style carrier at home, bring it along as well! Chances are we’ve worn it, sold it, made it, or demo-ed it before and we’d love to help make it work for you.

Register for the workshop by swinging by or calling Mama Goose (607.269.0600) and letting us know you’ll be there. The sooner we know you’re coming, the sooner we can make sure there will be enough cookies for you. And did I say it was free? I meant to. Free. Cookies. Advice. Information. The Goose.

-Gina from The Goose


2 Responses to “Colorful Diapers and Mama-Made Slings… These are a Few of my Favorite Things!”

  1. Val Says:

    This is so exciting! I was at a Goose diaper/carrier workshop a few years ago when I was pregnant with my first child and it was super-informative and helpful. Now that I am expecting our second baby, what a great way to get information on how diapers have improved and now local diapers and carriers, too!

  2. kirsten Says:

    very cool idea! I wish i had gone to one when i was first getting started cd’ing!

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